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Published: 05 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Children and youth has been in my life on and off since 2009. The first time they came to my house on drug accusations took my daughter without even testing me. I came up clean every single test they gave me. Second time in 2011 I had left my husband due to him being a drunk. I gave my mother temporary custody of my children so i did not have to bring them from place to place with me until i got enough money for my own place. some one called and told children and youth i was homeless and pregnant on the streets with my kids. My children were safe at my moms i went to my mothers everyday with them and slept at friends houses. Children and youth opened a case and gave my mother custody. I got a place not even a moth later and they kept my kids from me and i couldnt even have them on my own to visit. I had my son in may 2012. My mother had my children for a total of 6 months before i got them back. The third case started in August 2013 a week after my last son was born. My 4 year old daughter picked up my week old newborn and carried him through my living room while i was putting their lunch plates in the sink. I seen her and i quickly took the baby and layed him down and checked to make sure he was okay. I smacked her butt. I then woke up her step dad and told him what happened and asked him to come downstairs while i went out for a cigarette. My daughter went to her fathers later on that day. The next day children and youth showed up at my door with police to come take my two boys i had at home. They also took my son and daughter from their fathers house. They said there was a significant mark on her buttox. I told them i smacked her butt for what she had done but there is no way i left bruising. My mother called me and came to my house to show me the picture of my daughters mark on her butt. it was a handprint of broken blood vessels from a hand twice the size of mine. About a week or so later i found out that my younger two childrens father had smacked her butt again while i was outside having my cigarette. I was not aware of him doing this and my daughter never even told me that he did. He did not know i had already smacked her butt. He never has smacked any of my/our children before. He has heavy hands and did not realize the force he used on such a little girl. I immediatly told children and youth about the new information. They found me and nicholas(step father/father) indicated for child abuse. They told me to appeal mine. Nicholas was not aware he can appeal his. We had court Aug. 19th 2013. They said i can see my daughter 30-60 days after their investigation. They changed what they said in court. I did not recieve court papers until 2 months after the hearing and the court papers said no contact until further court hearing. I asked for a hearing multiple times. I did not get a hearing until the end of Feb. 2014. I did not see my daughter for 7 and a half months!!! Me and nicholas have been doing every class they gave us. I did my drug and alcohol evaluation which was found i did not need treatment because i have never came up hot for any tests they have ever given me. I did my mental health evaluation. We are currently in parenting classes. Now they finally gave me supervised visits at my mothers house in june 2014. I went to my mothers that day and she left me there with her husband and my sister. Children and youth showed up saying they recieved a call that i was there with the children alone. My moms husband was sleeping. He ate dinner, took a shower, and fell asleep. They said we violated because he fell asleep but my sister was also there with me. They took away my visits at her house now. I had to tell my kids i wasnt allowed there anymore. This has been a big change in their life already and now i have to be in it less again. I have never hiurt my children or neglected them in anyway. I do everything right by my children. Now they said i have 18 months starting from aug. 2013 to get my kids back or they r adopting them out because this is my third time being involved. Although the last case may have been a reason to open a case the first two times i was involved were revenge calls from my sister. They should be irrelevant to this whole matter. Who gets to decide whether a person can have their children or not. They are safe, fed, bathed, taken care of, and loved every day with me. I am not a drug addict, i do not beat my children, and i do not neglect my children. I do not understand how people can just adopt out my children with these reasons. Something must be done with this agency.

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