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Published: 04 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My review applies to both Uber and Lyft. They offer wages of $20-40/ hour to potential new drives. They lie and deceive new hires in order to attract them and drive for them. They also deceive customers, riders, by making them believe drivers are earning lots of money and give them the false idea that tips are not required or needed by drivers since they are making such a great income. The truth is that Uber perhaps calculates the earnings w/o taking into account that the driver must spend a significant amount of $$ to operate in gasoline, car tune ups, car payments, car washes, insurance and other related expenses. In addition Uber and Lyft take 20% from the driver’s earnings. I have driven for both companies a regular 8-9 hours shift and no matter how busy the days is, at the end of shift, after expenses I end up with minimum wage or less. These two companies charge riders less than half of what a regular taxi would charge. No wonder is sooo hard to earn a wage above avg. Why would they think is fare for their drivers to work and charge less than half for what the work is worth? Taxi drivers are basically charging a fare fee, driving a car is not cheap. To make things worse they discourage riders from tipping the driver, why? why would they car if the riders want to tip? Then top it off, they demand from drivers to offer free water and provide an excellent customer service, to have near new car, to keep car clean and excellent. They got the nerve to expect too much from drivers while expecting them to work for half the price?. Uber does not want to comply with city fees and permits, their insurance is only meant to cover riders while in a ride, but not the driver. In other words, they do not care for the driver, they expect the driver’s personal insurance to take cover for gaps. Guess what, none of the driver’s personal insurance would cover them, since their policies does not include driving their car as a taxi. These two companies claim to have revolutioned ride sharing, but at what cost? Slavery? They are exploiting the drivers and taking advantage of their need to work. In fact Uber has a law suit, just do an internet search and is there. Drivers working for them have no right, they are called partners by Uber and Lyft, but in reality they treat them as independent contractor in order to pass on all driving expenses to drivers. However, they deactivate driver’s account at their own discretion. In short, there is no job security with these two companies, since the drivers can lose this job at anytime. That is if this can be called a job. Uber and Lyft are both abusing employment practices, neglecting the drivers and treating them as slaves, while getting away with city regulations to operate. .

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