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The place is run by criminals!

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Teri

Don’t go to Lynbrook Smiles! They are nothing more than a bunch of scammers. I had gone there for dental treatment. I had gotten a teeth whitening treatment there. I was paying through a payment plan though because they had urged me to. They had told me that I’d get a discount by paying through the plan. I thought why not. That seemed like a great deal to me. I still kept going there for my routine checkups. At first, I was very much impressed with those people. I thought their service was great and the treatments were good but now I know that all of those things were a part of their scam. They act all nice and pleasant so they can cheat you easily. They first gain your trust and then betray you. Those people created false invoices and kept charging me for that teeth whitening treatment even after I had paid them all the dues. The payments were going through my credit card and they used to send the invoice directly to collections. They charged me well over $400 extra for that teeth whitening treatment. When I asked about this, they told me they weren’t aware of this issue. they just shelved my concern. And I had thought they were decent people. I was a fool to think so. Those guys are malicious, selfish people who all work together to make you a scapegoat. I just don’t understand why they cheated me. They could have won a repeat customer and earned much more from me. I might have started recommending them to others. But they were greedier. They must have thought that getting $400 is much better than a long-time customer. I stopped going there after this incident took place. I don’t think anyone would return to a place which over-charges you and which creates false invoices to steal money from you. Lynbrook Smiles is one of the most troubling, disturbed and selfish dental clinics I have ever come across. And I know for certain that the entire staff is a part of their vicious schemes. Their sole goal is to get as much money as possible. Maybe they give incentives for a higher amount of earnings to their staff. I don’t know. But they don’t have to do unethical deeds and steal money from innocent people in order to fill their pockets. I had asked them to give me a refund because at first, I had thought it was just a simple case of accounting mistakes. Turns out, I was wrong. They were interested in hearing my side at all. They denied releasing any refund or compensation. They didn’t accept any mistakes of their own. I never went there for treatment. I don’t know what other kinds of scams they might try to cheat me with. I think it would be better for me to go someplace else. I used to trust these guys but now I know that I was wrong in doing so.

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