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Published: 26 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On Jan. 2nd 2014 we purchased a 7 week old Newfie pup from Linda. He seemed a little small to me but She assured us that Stormy would grow to be a big strong boy. 4 days later he died in Hospital hooked to i V’s. She told us he had all his wormings and his shots, and that we did not have to take him to vet for another 18 days. In the contract it states he has to be seen by Vet within 48 hours. I took him to the Vet the very next day. Upon examination He weighed only 5lbs. On the AKC papers she put 10 lbs. He should have weighed at least 15 pounds by that age. He was treated for Roundworms. And was given a special diet and vitamins. That was on the 3rd of Jan. the very next day after the Vet. He started to pass Huge Adult Round worms and started to get weaker. Back to the Vet we went. He was a little dehydrated from all the loose bowel movements. Was treated. We informed Linda Ward of all that was going on. She again assured us all would be fine and was very defensive and getting quite agitated. We continued with his treatment. All that weekend he passed worms. Then he developed bloody diarehea. Back to the Vet Monday Morning. He was admitted. Immediately put on IV/s. He died that night. He died from severe intestinal parasites, Coccidia, and Anemia. The worms ate him alive. She knew he was not treated for worms and that he was dying when she sold him to us. What should have been a happy, joyous expierance turned into a nightmare. Now we not only do not have our little Sromy, but we we are out the money we paid for him and the vet bills which is over several thousand dollars. WhenI told her of Stormy’s death and that she at least give us our money back for what we paid for him. She Hung up. We weren’t even asking for the vet bills. We are not the only people to have been burned by her. She will not take any responsibility, Stay clear of this so called Newfoundland Breeder.

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