Lynnette Sue Hiester

Lynnette Sue Hiester is a drug addict and a gold digger

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Published: 21 August 2017

Posted by: Robert M. Marrero

Lynnette Sue Hiester, mostly called Eury, currently lives in a small town Lehighton PA. She’s married to David Hiester and lives at 217 N 2ND ST Lehighton PA. They bought a brand new, red 4 door Ford truck and she already has a light blue BMW Z3 to drive. Lynnette originally came from Blanchester Ohio. Her mom’s side family are the Gamble’s who are known from their company name- Procter and Gamble, located in Cincinnati Ohio. She has married three times till date and has once run away taking lots of money with her. She had a son from her first marriage who she gave to her parents to raise because she used to remain too drunk or stoned to take care of him. For 10+ years, she worked at Airborne Express at Wilmington Ohio. Her first marriage lasted from 1987-1997 and she had multiple affairs during that time, which included a man from Greenfield named Tracy Price. These two did drugs and partied wild and were often a part of gangbang sex parties. Her son stayed at her parents house during this time and never saw her. The child’s father used to be either at work or having affairs in his own life too in Fayetteville where they both (husband and wife) stayed at the time.
Lynnette supposedly was a strong drug addict and pill popper. Ever since she started meeting her high school friend Shelli Bishop (class 1985 BHS) she started partying and took unlimited drugs. They didn’t have any dearth of drugs as Shelli Bishop dated a Baker from Blanchester at the time who had unnamed sources and drug runners in the area who provided Cocaine. Since Shelli and Lynnette have been best friends all this while, Lynnette surely had many wild rides as friends till the end. Though Shelli was known to have recovered years later and never went back to the same lifestyle, Lynnette’s life has been uncertain till date. Lynnette is a big gold digger! She has played with men for money, including her second husband named Jim Hiester. He was David Hiester’s brother. You read that right!! David Hiester married his brother’s wife after Jim died of Cancer in 2006. He never knew that his brother Jim brought this girl from a party where she was a stripper. He worked at Airborne and that was when his work friends threw a party where they called up a stripper. Lynnette used to work as a stripper at that time and her boss was supposedly her first husband. He pimped her out and so she was the stripper at the party that night. She saw he was rich and had money as he was a Lead Techie. She clung upon him and convinced him for marriage. THIS WOMAN IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! SHE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A GOLD DIGGER!!!!!

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