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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Clarke

Hi. I am Clarke from Viginia and I am a professional model. I started modelling when I was a teenager and have done some really good stuff. After college I was not into modelling much…took up a job at a real estate firm where i worked as a site representative. Modelling was still on my mind and often indulged in it part-time basis. One day I met a client who while looking for a property here in Virgina got talking with me. Later i found out that he was managing director of some product company. This guy was looking for a model for you know his company’s product. It was quite a big thing and when he approached me for this…i could not say no despite the fact that he was paying a bit less than I was expecting. But I did not bother much to care about it. This modelling project was real deal for me.

I had a really nice chat with this guy who later wished to see my portfolio. Since i did not have the latest portfolio (the last portfolio shoot i did was some two years ago), I started hunting for some portfolio photographers in VA. The ones I came across to were quite expensive…could not afford them…then one day finally I got in touch with LMG marketing group. They were quite affordable. I booked an appointment to take this forward with them. The next day i was already there talking to this guy who was you know managing things over there. They were really good at what they were doing. Real marketing guys! I kept asking them about the charges and they were like stuck to what they were saying. Getting such a cheap deal in Virgina for a portfolio shoot was like a dream come true moment for me.

The shoot started next day. The whole set up was good but not up to the mark to be honest. There was something fishy about the whole thing, which i think i could not understand due to the fact that i was more into shooting. The photographer and the assistant gave it away at many occasions but i could not catch it then. They were not as experienced as i they had told me. And i could figure it out from their technical knowledge and photography skills. In fact, they did not know about basic terminologies of portfolio shoots. All of this raised my doubt…and I often complained about it but they gave some believable excuses and i who was already under so much stress due to photo shoot fell for those. The photo shoot finally got over…i had a cup of coffee with them and left.

I was supposed to get my portfolio the next week but i did not. They kept on postponing the date for the delivery time and again. I was patient in the beginning but I too was under some sort of a pressure you know. I did not want to let this fantastic opportunity slip out of my hands…but then there were people of LMG group who were just not ready to listen to me.

I arrived at their work unannounced one day only to find that they had not started any work on portfolio even yet. They were busy handling other clients. That was surprisingly very unprofessional because these were they guys who a couple of weeks were making all types of promises to bring it out on time. But here they were…just not doing what they shout out loud in their advertisements. When i complained they tried to convince me….when i asked my money back…they were like now shouting out loud about there terms and conditions and policies….non-refundable clause and what not. Okay! You do not want to give my money back…then at least do your work. Give me my portfolio…which is urgently required. But these unprofessional were again trying to promise for some future dates. I had no option but to believe them.

After two days, the day they had asked me to come again, i met them. And i had litereally forgotten about you know the argument i had with them two days back when I touched my portfolio. It sort of disappeared from eyes. Then i open it and what i see is shit. All my photos were not up to the mark. Me and the photographer had you know thought of some story in each picture…which i guess was missing. These pictures were not done the they were planned. These pictures did not have a soul…they were as if clicked by a stranger on a road. Professional portfolio shoot is a responsibility…it is an art…and how can you just not take that seriously…when i complained of the same. These fools advised me for another shoot…do i look fool?? I thought that they will do it without any charge…but hell no…they wanted money..but for what, huh! For fleecing me of my hard-earned money. For not shooting me properly. For ruining my career. For what??

They were not returning my money and were not ready to shoot me for free. I threatened to sue them…to which they did not show any objection to…like it is normal for them. I left the company and have since not paid a visit them again. I had to do with the same portfolio…which is now is of no use but still it is better to have something than nothing. Now i got the modelling assignment despite this episode of horror. I did a new portfolio shoot recently after doing all the necessary research. The photographer is a professional portfolio photographers…who has got years of experience. He understood my know what i was looking for out of this shoot…he gave his own ideas too…which were very creative…and i was very receptive to them.
I won’t ever go to LMG for any marketing thing…had a nightmarish experience…so totally disappointed.

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