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a group of low-minded disgusting people

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Published: 12 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Lyon Marketing Group is a group of low-minded disgusting people who are luring young girls in the name of modeling. They took money from my sister for an ‘application’ and never called back. I have filed a complaint against them in BBB. Please read this post if you want to know the reality behind this sham.

My young sister always wanted to become a model. It was her lifelong dream. She has been trying for many years. One day, she came across the website of Lyon Marketing Group. She had found their name on Craigslist. These guys are professional liars because of the way they marketed themselves, they seemed legit.

Let me tell you they are not legit. Lyon Marketing Group is a hoax. It is a group of pathetic deluded individuals who are taking money from young girls. My sister had contacted them for her portfolio. She wanted to build a great portfolio to start her modeling career and send it to relevant people. Before any meeting, they told her she will have to fill a form and submit $2,500 as registration fees.

They told my sister that she will have to pay the sum in advance because of ‘how busy they are’ and that it will help them process her request faster. Well, she paid the sum of $2,500. Then they stopped staying in touch. I mean really, the stopped picking up my sister’s calls and responding to her messages. I suspected their authenticity from the start. Lyon Marketing Group is a scam. They are cheating people and stealing their money. When they had asked for an advance, I knew something fishy was going on. I just didn’t want to think that my sister had chosen a fake company for her portfolio.

They started responding to our messages when we registered a complaint against them in the Better Business Bureau. I started handling the situation and they told me that I should redact my complaint. My sister’s application was lost in transit and they are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. I thought they are okay so I got my complaint redacted. Can you guess what they did next? They stopped responding again! Those bastards think it’s okay to cheat with people. When it came to their reputation they started calling me and apologizing to me.

I have had it with them. They gave my sister false hope and wasted $2,500. The worst part about all this is how they manipulated my sister. And I can guarantee that my sister isn’t the only girl they have preyed on. There must be hundreds if not thousands of girls who must have gotten in touch with them for starting a modeling career. They must have taken such advances from many poor girls, showing them a fake reality, making false promises. I have filed another complaint against these fools. I won’t fall for their games again. And I hope they get the punishment they deserve. Lyon himself is a lunatic. He is a crazy guy who thinks it is okay to play with the minds of young girls. I bet he will pay for what he did.

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