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Published: 03 May 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had hired Lyon Polk recently and I can tell you, that guy is not a reliable professional. He doesn’t know anything about decency, customer service or etiquettes. It doesn’t matter that he’s the top advisor out there. All the accolades and recognition have gone to his head. He has become a stupid narcissist. He lacks basic courtesy and to me he seemed like someone who you can’t trust no matter what.I lost the advance I had paid his company. But I couldn’t stand his unprofessional behaviour.
Why I hired Lyon?
Lyon Polk is the managing director of the Polk Wealth Management Group. He is also the private wealth advisor, portfolio management director and institutional consulting director at this company. He is the founder of the company. His company handles more than $15 billion. He advises his clients on many areas, like I’ve mentioned before. He also handles alternative investments apart from these areas. His family has been involved in national and local politics for generations. He has been ranked the #1 financial advisor in multiple places including Barron’s Top 25. Frank Lyon Polk the first, his ancestor, was the under secretary of state under Woodrow Wilson. Mr. Polk was a key contributor to the Versailles Treaty. On his mother’s side, was Alexander Johnson Cassatt, the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad. His credentials, his family name, and his company’s success can make anyone believe that he’s the best choice when it comes to financial advice. But that’s the cause of everything. He IS NOT THE GUY YOU SEE EVERYWHERE. In reality, he is an egotistical maniac who doesn’t give a darn about his clients. He is late to meetings, he lacks basic manners, and he doesn’t answer your calls. He is the worst financial advisor you can ever hire. Even his advice is trash. He caused me humongous losses, which I had to mitigate by hiring a team of different professionals. He could have lost me my business and I don’t think a financial advisor is supposed to do that. I have already alerted everyone in my personal social circle and I deemed it necessary to alert others about this guy. All the interviews and information you see online are his way of creating his false image of credibility. I had hired him because of his big name and experience. The guy has been operating in the finance industry for many years. I trusted his opinion. And his company has plenty of major clients. I know a few people who have hired him before but left him for some reason. I wasn’t able to get in touch with them before hiring this guy and they told me about their experiences with Lyon much later. Lyon isn’t the person you can trust your money with. He will waste your time and your money. When he is done wasting your resources, he will call you names and demand more money. He has multiple companies under different names. He is a part of GrayStone Consulting as well as his Polk Wealth Management Group.
How he wasted my money
As you would have guessed Leon is one of the biggest names in the finance industry. That is the reason why I hired the guy. I have invested in many assets, mainly in real estate. But it was getting too much for me to handle. That’s where Lyon comes in. What I didn’t know was that he is a jerk and a thief. Like I said earlier, he is a reputed professional and I was looking for someone to help me with my investments. I was also looking to expand my real estate assets and Lyon seemed like the perfect choice for that purpose. He runs multiple investments businesses and has helped many family corporations with handling their assets. He is also a big name in New York. When I contacted his company, I was told that “Mister Polk” is busy and would be available next week. I don’t know why I still thought it would be better if I did business with him. So, I waited. I waited for a week and met him then. I was really excited to meet the guy, to be honest. He has a stellar reputation in the market and whoever I asked about him, I got only positive responses. Again, it was my bad luck that the only few people who have really done business with Lyon were out of touch at that time. I didn’t know they had hired Lyon, I didn’t expect them to, so I never even considered asking them. I wonder how much time and money I would’ve saved if I had just asked them beforehand.Anyway, Lyon was late to our meeting. He was supposed to arrive at 3’o clock but arrived an hour later. He blamed the traffic for it. Now, if you’re at the level of dealing millions of dollars, you don’t expect the guy to be late for 5 minutes, let alone for half an hour. But I said it’s no big deal. Lyon is so full of himself that he didn’t even apologize for arriving late to the meeting. It’s like he expected me to wait for him even after such a long time. It felt really insulting that he wouldn’t even say a little ‘sorry’.His assistant was constantly interrupting the meeting. And he didn’t mind. I tolerated it because I’m a decent guy and I don’t like to make a scene. When the meeting ended, Lyon told me that he would be happy to assist me with my assets and that I shouldn’t worry about them anymore. Even after such a terrible meeting, I thought I should give him a try. Now that I think about it, I guess I shouldn’t have hired him at that time. One of his representatives was supposed to meet me within a few days. But I didn’t hear from his company for another week. It’s not like I’m a free person. I have a business to run too. And I surely don’t like wasting my time.A week after my meeting with Lyon, I got a call to schedule a meeting with one of his representatives later in the week. The meeting was set up and the necessary formality was done. Turns out, Lyon likes to take a huge advance for his services. The advance is more than enough but it’s just the service fee, which they don’t refund at all costs. I know that because when I tried to get a refund, I was denied it. Why did I need a refund? Well, let’s just say that I got tired of Lyon and his terrible business practices within a month. The guy was never available. And even when we’d schedule a meeting, he would send a subordinate whom I had neve met before.Within 2 weeks, I realized that Lyon doesn’t care about me. I run a business and I know how you’re supposed to treat a client. The way Lyon and his company were acting with me was way opposite of what you’re supposed to do when you run a business. For example, the first meeting I had with Lyon after I bought his services went horrible. He did not show up on time. I waited for an hour which is more than substantial for anyone in my position. He didn’t apologize for arriving late. And he did not talk to me like a professional  should. He wouldn’t listen to me. He would discard my opinion and my ideas. Moreover he kept receiving calls in the middle of our meeting and instead of ignoring them or silencing his phone he would just pick them up and talk like it was his leisure time. I told him to ignore the calls and focus on the meeting. I was discussing something very important with him. But instead of focusing his attention on his client he thought it would be better to give that attention to his calls. In that meeting, I felt like an idiot. I had hired the guy because I thought he was an esteemed professional but he is just a lunatic.After that incident I never met the guy full stop there was this one time when we had a meeting scheduled but instead of him his subordinates showed up full stop at least his subordinates have the decency of apologizing for causing misconvenience this guy he does not care. That was the last nail for me because I felt humiliated I want to meet him because whenever I would give him a call give a proper response saying that he is in a meeting or he is too busy. I realised it was hopeless. I no longer expected him to act like a professional. It was my mistake that I hired a narcissist like Lyon. I told his company that I no longer needed their services and although they tried to stop me from leaving, I left. I didn’t expect to receive such terrible services from Lyon. They didn’t refund me any advance payment I had made. But I didn’t care by then. I was just happy that I got rid of that bastard. I wonder how much more of my time he would’ve wasted if I didn’t leave his services. An important point to note here is that Lyon never apologized for his horrible behaviour. He also didn’t even ask me why I left his company. It amazes me how a terrible businessperson like Lyon could be running an enterprise like this. If it was up to me, I would’ve fired the guy a long time ago.
Please Don’t Hire Lyon Polk
He is highly expensive and unprofessional. You can easily find more affordable and reliable finance experts in NY with just a little effort. I couldn’t tolerate his irresponsible and erratic behaviour. Lyon needs to learn how to handle clients. Hire him only if you think you’re worthy of getting disrespected by a service provider you’re paying for.

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