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Published: 15 March 2019

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On DATE 2006 Victoria Mclain, Alexander Mclain, and Jeffrey Mclain explained that their family business was having some trouble and they would not be able to pay Victorias college tuition this semester. They asked that I co-sign for a large student loan for her. She would use part of the student loan to pay her tuition and the rest they would use for the family business Prophet 3H/M7 Holdings as an investment to get the business back to its best operations. In return for co-signing for the student loan they would pay my tuition every semester until I graduate with my bachelor of science and re pay the full amount of the loan. The Mclain family lived in a 4.5 Million dollar home in the Estates of Town Lake in Woodstock Ga at the time. I had known them for 3-4 years at that point. I was 21 years old and had been working fulltime since I was 15 years old paying my way through college and living on my own since age 17. According to FAFSA I was emancipated from my parents and completely independent. I saw this as a great opportunity to focus on my degree on another level and avoid student loans. I asked that the family draw up a contract. I would review it and make my decision another day. On DATE 2006 I met Alexander McLain, Jeffrey Mclain, Victoria Mclain, and Sophia-their accountant at their office. They had the contract ready. The contract originally said will pay tuition upon completion of her bachelor of science. I asked they re-word that to say until completion of her bachelor of science as we had agreed in the discussion. Sophia made the correction and re-printed the contract. I, Sophia, Alexander McLain, and Victoria Mclain signed the contract and student loan application for $30,000. (Please see attached). On DATE 2006 Victoria Mclain called me and stated the student loan was not approved and they are going to try with a different bank. The same day Victoria Mclain and Christina Crosby-Mclain (Alexander Mclains wife) visited me at a neighborhood pool where I was baby-sitting. They brought with them a new student loan application and new contract. The new contract stated I would receive half the student loan and they would repay the entire loan themselves in exchange for me co-signing. I did the calculations and agreed that this would cover my tuition until my graduation. I, my sister/witness Amber Brestle, Victoria Mclain, and Christina Crosby signed the contract. Victoria and I signed the new student loan application. On DATE 2006 Victoria stated she received the check for the student loan. Since my name was on the check as the co-signer I went with her to the bank to deposit the check. On DATE 2006 M7Holdings/Prophet 3H cut a check to Kennesaw State University for one semester of my tuition. On DATE 2006 I reminded the family and Sophia that my tuition due date for the next semester was due in few weeks. Sophia said to remind her closer to the date. On DATE 2006 I reminded Sophia and the family that my tuition was due in one week. Sophia seemed unsure and said she would have to get back to me. I did not receive a response. I went up to the office the day before tuition was due and she explained she does not know what they are going to do because they do not have the money to pay for my tuition this semester. Luckily I had been-reapproved for HOPE Scholarship and was able to continue with school. At this point the family began to avoid me and say their business is under scrutiny and people are making false claims about their dad and business and they need to move to NC to live with family and all their accounts have been frozen. No one would give me any details. The family left the state and avoided all contact. On DATE 2010 I received a call from the bank stating the loan was not being paid. After speaking to the woman from the bank for a few minutes we realized Victoria had taken out two loans. When Victoria said the first loan was not approved and she wanted to try with another bank, the 1st loan had actually been approved and then she applied for another and was approved for that loan as well ($30,000 and $2,000). I called Victoria about this. She stated there is only one loan and she does not know how two are in my name. Victoria called me back and said the school said the check was automatically disbursed to the school and she didnt know about it. When asked what was being done to make payments she agreed she would make the payments immediately. The next few months passed and no payment had been made. Victoria said she had been making payments and there must be a mistake or some type of fraud. The banks assured me that no payments had been made and that they have not been able to reach Victoria. After that I was no longer able to reach Victoria. I contacted her brother Ceasar Maurice McLain whom threatened to sue me for harassment for trying to reach the family about this loan repeatedly. He stated the money was used for the business and the FBI had dismantled the business due to fraud and their Dad is in prison for years, so they are no longer responsible for the loan. Due to this breach of contract and defaulted loan I had to take out student loans to pay for my education since I decreased my work hours to part-time once they agreed to pay my tuition. I also have not been able to afford an attorney to fight this case. I am now 29 years old and unable to purchase a home or get a reasonable interest rate on a car until this is resolved, even though I have a career and decent credit history. Victoria also did the same to an ex-boyfriend for $20,000 in 2006. He is in the same situation and would like legal help as well. Here are the details re: the FBI and Federal Trade Commission involvement www.ftc.gov/opa/2006/07/illegalbus.shtm FTC Stops Family and Companies Selling Illegal Business Opportunity Business Being Peddled Would Violate State and Federal Laws A U.S. District Court has barred a purported former preacher, his two sons, and his companies from selling a healthcare business opportunity promising consumers millions of dollars if they participated in an alleged network of Medicaid providers. In fact, according to the Federal Trade Commission complaint, the defendants business model would have required participants to break numerous state and federal laws. Using healthcare conferencesat hotels and convention centers across the US, the defendants promised consumers that they would receive guaranteed Medicaid patients and would receive help from the lawyers, doctors, and other professionals on their staff in establishing their healthcare businesses. The FTC charged that the defendants misrepresented the assistance they would provide and that participants could legally earn money from the business, and did not provide participants with the required disclosure statement and earnings disclosures for a franchise. A U.S. District Court has granted a temporary restraining order, prohibiting the defendants from continuing their deceptive business practices, freezing their assets, and appointing a receiver. .

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