Mabel Ehis

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Mabel Ehis is a stupid female who sleeps with my husband and

This girl has shamelessly been a part of our lives since quite long now. It was when we were pregnant with our second child, that I came to know that she has been messing around with my husband. She knew about our marriage but was thinking that we had split our ways. When I came to know about this affair, I confronted this girl and asked her about it. She immediately felt very guilty and said she would respect me, my family and her own self and hated the fact that my husband didn’t tell her the complete truth. She felt really sorry for whatever happened and said that she would never talk to this man again. Today, it has been 5-6 months that me and my husband split up and live in our own apartments. This girl is now visiting my in laws for Christmas dinner. She is such a cunning homewrecker. My husband and she are having a gala time with his family and I and our kids had to visit family in Louisiana. I don’t know if you are still aware of things or not but let me tell you, he just slept with me a week ago. You have blocked me and do not want any communication, so I’m posting this here. If he is still lying to you about his relationship with me and you are believing him, you are just being fooled yet again by your dear friend!

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