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Published: 22 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They just ripped me off! I brought them my computer 34 days ago because it would power up but only show a black screan. After a week went by, Ted the technician told me it was the graphics card and I needed a new graphics card and that it would cost $299 pluse $98 diagnostic fee; inaddition to $75 and hour for maintince. I’m not rich and it is the holiday season. I told ted I would need to make payments on it because there ws no way I could afford $500 all at once, I even thought this was extreamly expensive and something didnt seem right. Ted persuaded me every chance he could get about swapping computers which would cost me anywhere from$600 to over $1,200. I told Ted there was no way I could afford this and I just wanted my machine fixed. I am a full time college student and i rely on my machine to assist me with my home work; in addition to my freelance graphic design business. He told me if I gave them my computer, he could only pay me $50 for it. I was offended because I payed well over $1,200 for this machine, mind you, I bought this machine from them! He then offerd me $100. I could not believe how he was trying to swindle me. He wanted to buy my computer for $50, fix it and then sell it for full retail price. I should have known something was going on then and there and that I would never get my computer back. A few more weeks went by and Ted called and told me his supplier ran out of graphic cards and Apple was not making them anymore. So, I took matters in to my own hands and did some investigating. I asked ted If I found a graphics card, could he still fix my computer, he said yes! So today, I found one for $80, through Apple….Imagin that! I called Ted and informed him. I asked Ted why he was lieing to me and overcharging me. It would be around $500 to fix, if I didnt fix it and swap my machine, it would cost me $600 or more! This was a catch 22. Eaither way, they win and I loose! I was very upset. Ted told me he would “put” my computer back together and I could come pick it up and he would not charge me the $98 for diagnostic. I immidaly went and picked up my computer and took it stright to the Apple store located in the Cherry Creek Mall. The technician was very nice and couldnt believe what The Mac Outlet put me through, the technichan started the diagnositc and couldnt get my machine to power up. He said there was no energy flowing through my machine at all. He told me they didnt put it back together right or they left out a part. He said there is no way a graphics card would interfear with the machice powering up. So eaither way, Ted made sure that I have no computer! I wonder how many people they have done this too? We pay alot of money for these machines and for them to think its okay to rip people off and swindle themlike this is unnaceptable! And I’m willing to take every step requierd to making sure this does not happen to anyone else. .

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