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Grouchy Female Worker - Discrimination - Disallowed to use Restroom

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Published: 22 March 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

You can certainly tell a lot about a person’s character by how he reacts when angry or under stress. The first (and last) day I walked into Macky’s Dim Sum Restaurant, the worker failed the stress test. As a result, this restaurant may be subjected to a lawsuit and fines. More below.

So, I need to use the restroom. I was walking around and my car was parked. Ok. So it’s pretty normal to have to pee during the day. Or, do other things like add eye drops into you eyes, tend to a bandage on your leg, or perhaps tend to an ostomy.

According to an article entitled: ”What to know about Ally’s Law” from ”Medical News Today,”

….”Many states in the United States have passed the Restroom Access Act, also known as Ally’s Law, to acknowledge this medical need.

Ally’s Law requires that retail businesses with toilet facilities for employees allow customers with specific medical conditions to access them if the need arises….”

Washington State is a qualifying state!

In short, I attempted to use the restroom here and even offered to make a purchase. I was denied, and not only that, screamed at by an Asian woman who appeared to be Chinese. ”NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS!!” How rude of you! She yelled at me and I was so afraid, let me tell you.

Using intimidation and fear, in some circumstances may frighten someone who has a cognitive disability. What if the person had a stroke? Have you ever thought of that?

I was treated in such a rude and demeaning manner here, and will never in my life return for a meal.

Further, because I have a qualifying medical condition that does fit into the aforementioned law, this restaurant worker (who refused to give me her name, upon being asked with a pen in hand to write it down) may have done some major damage to her business.

Nice job, really? You never know if someone has a prosthetic such as an ostomy: You never know what someone’s situation may be, so you better be prepared with: kindness, not aggression.

How can you trust someone who screams at you, then when you ask for their name refuses to give it to you? Why? Oh, you realized you did something to not only humiliate and shame another person, but to make the person’s day a lot worse.

In addition to having a qualifying medical condition – I *may* have had to change my tampon as well.

Remember that everything is energy. This place is NEGATIVE VIBES all around.

Also, please exercise your rights to use the restroom. You pay taxes when you travel into the state and should be treated with respect and dignity at ALL times! This mysterious person was on a ’power trip’ and so rude!

All I can say, is that the name on the business card is: Sonny Wong. I don’t know if the person who screamed at me is Sonny Wong, but Sonny Wong, if you are reading this – you should be really ashamed of your business practices.

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