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Published: 19 December 2017

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I had a Video card failure on my Macbook Pro purchased in 2011. I recearched the error messages and occurances on the net and found out this was a common failure with this machine. I looked up the Internet for the nearest repair facility in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Walked into MacWin Technologies to see if he could repair it. Mr. Lav boasted how he was an ex-Apple engineer and went into detail how he was fully aware of this exact problem of GPU Chip failure but he had to still perform many tests and diagnostics. He compared a computer to a car and went on how you should service your computer regularly. I kept insisting on an answer to my question: I’m leaving town within 7 days and can you fix this machine in time? He continued ranting how he had to open up machine, service it and run many diagnostics. Between these conversations he would give me a sales pitch how he is an offical Apple dealer and recommended I purchase a different laptop or Mac mini. He finally agreed to let me know exactly what is wrong within a couple of days and give me a quote. The laptop was left behind with him and he removed the hard drive and handed to me. Three days later he calls me with the same original instant diagnosis about the GPU failure and it will take two weeks to fix it. I asked him about the costs and he would not give me an exact figure but it could be between US$300 to US$400. I reminded him about me leaving for the US in four days and can’t wait for two weeks. I insisted on picking up the laptop and taking it back to the US for repair – he insisted the laptop was serviced and many tests were done and there would be an absurd charge for US$90.00. He did not want to put the hard drive back inside insisting the US repair guys don’t need the hard drive. I complied and brought my machine back to the US along with the uninstalled hard drive. An appointment was made at the Apple showroom and they insisted I reinstall the hard drive and return. I complied and came back with the hard drive installed and working. Apple service center was excellent and within 5 minutes they and a clear and transparent report to me listed below: Problem Description/Diagnosis Issue: Computer powers off/freezes with video distortion Computer will boot with distorted video as well Steps to Reproduce: Verified at bar Proposed Resolution: Apple Repair Center repair center for video issue Cosmetic Condition: Normal wear Minor scuffing on bottom case and clamshell Estimated Turn Around Time: We’ll call you in 3 – 5 days Mac OS Version: 10.6.7 Hard Drive Size: 500 GB Memory Size: 8 GB iLife Version: 11 Employee 111434638 Repair Estimate Item Number Description Price Amount Due Customer KBB S1987LL/A Labor Charge, PBG4/MBP17″” $ 100.00 $ 100.00 S1988LL/A Flat Rate Repair Charge, PBG4/MBP17″” $ 210.00 $ 210.00 Total (Tax not included) $ 310.00 $ 310.00 Moral of the story. Don’t use MacWin Technology regardless of your computer being in or out of warranty. The transparency of Apple repair center is unbeatable. .

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