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Served spoiled food!! Not recommended!

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Published: 15 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

To plan a wedding, two things are necessary – Time and Ideas. The only problem is that most of the people have time but they lack the ideas. Since I was the only one with the ideas (although I had little time), I was given the responsibility of arranging everything – right from the dress to the wedding cake. Since I did not want to keep everything delayed until the last moment, I started the preparation a month before the day of the wedding. It took me 25 days to complete everything and by everything, I mean everything.

No matter how much one tries, some problems are inevitable. A few days before the wedding, the catering company called me and told me there was something wrong with the chef who specialized in desserts and so they would not be able to supply the desserts. Since there were only a few days left, I did not even have the time to sit down and be sad about it. I decided to search online for other catering companies. I came across Made by Meg and after going through the menu, I decided to hire them for the desserts. I wasted no time in calling them. Although they responded a bit late, I decided to ignore it and get straight to business. The guests were quite a few and so I was hoping that they accept my assignment. After a long discussion about the quantities and pricings, a deal was made. I was assured that I would get the delivery on the day of the wedding and the food items will be fresh. Since the company seemed to be quite a big one, I was convinced that I would not be let down. I was charged extra for wanting the delivery to be made in such short notice. I was also charged an enormous delivery charge. I just wanted everything to be perfect on the day of the wedding and thus I did not mind spending extra money as it was my own sister’s wedding after all.

I received the delivery of the food items a bit late but somehow the caterers managed to arrange it all on time. I was finally free of responsibilities and I was ready to enjoy the wedding peacefully or so I thought.

While I was talking to my sister, I heard someone scream. I hurriedly went to see what happened and to my horror, I saw that one of the cookies had a worm in it. A freaking WORM. I had not even properly processed it when I heard a man puke. This happened to multiple people. On analyzing, I concluded that whoever had eaten the desserts felt sick. I was so embarrassed that I could not even talk properly. After so much hard work that went into making the wedding party a complete success, it was all spoiled by the desserts that were supplied by Made by Meg.

I had no option but to accept my mistake which was in actuality, not my mistake. I called the company infuriated but they told me that it was none of their faults.

I would like to say only this – If you ever have an important function, do not even think of going to Made by Meg for anything.

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