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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Let me start by saying that I am usually not that person who writes reviews, but I thought it is nesesserry to make the public aware of such wrong doing and rip off ! When first entered the shop several month back I met the Manager Jeff Johnson ( General Manager and Test Dummy) as stated on his Title. A very friendly guy who seemed to have knowledge about bikes and so on. So time has come for me to purchase a new motorcycle and customize it. I started of by going to a big Motorcycle shop in Rockwall where I had gone for years before and had no issues, but unfortunately I had to part from them because of their changes. Poor workmanship and damage to my bike which never happened before at this place. So where to go from here ? I remembered Mag Powersports. I figured let me give Jeff at Mag a shot. They are a little bit of a drive to get too, but usually places away from the city are more honest and trust wordy.I could not have been more wrong. First I stopped by to discuss all the things I needed done, including add ons and to straighten some of the wires out from the previous repair. I was told right away that this will not be a one day job but Jeff promised me it will be done after he has the bike full 2 Days. I agreed and we set the appointment for a Wednesday at 10am. I actually delivered the bike on Monday without expectations that the bike will be ready any sooner. I also requested a detailed Quote via e-mail which I received to include a Rekluse Clutch installation and SAS removal plus Tire change and an LED light connection rerouted etc…. I decided to install the clutch myself and after following Jeffs advice not to follow through with the SAS removal.which was Ok with me. At least I save some money on labor this way. No to shorten the story a bit I will come straight to the complain. The bike was not ready for pick up until Saturday at 2pm. I was in a hurry to get back to work and did not inspect the bike fully. So time to pay where the original receipt stood in place with the full ten hours on it. I questioned it and Jeff said this is a great deal for me as there was actually more time involved. I said to myself how can that be ? No SAS removal and I was the one installing the clutch. At this point I thought I let it go because the installation what I could see by the lights looked good and figured not to argue because his hourly rate is cheaper than in town and I was in a hurry. Unloading that bike at home, the truth revealed! Right away I noticed the handlebar was not brought back to its original settings. I had a hard time getting it off the trailer,than I checked the lights, not wired as requested, Tires not Balanced as Jeff mentioned before. He said there is no need too(really). New grips installed but not glued on properly, they are still loose, big scratch on my rear wheel from Tire iron. Jeffs respond “”You can not avoid that on black wheels,Who is he kidding,he offered to touch them up and last but not least grease all over the bike.”” So next thing phone call to Jeff to set up now another appointment to come back, which was set for 10.30 on the following. Wednesday with the request to wait. I was told 1 to 1 1/2 Hours max. Again Bike is ready at 1.45 that makes it 3.45 minutes (frustrated but I am glad its done) Oh one more thing,got to see my lights working properly, switch to on and not hooked up the proper way again. I supplied a sheet of paper on how I wanted the lights to be wired and again the wrong way. Frustration was not even a word at this point,I left to go home,unload the bike and get ready for work. I got on the bike drove off and it completely shut down after a half a mile no ignition no nada. I called them back, where right away Jeff gets defensive and say that could not have been us we only moved two wires,really Jeff in nearly 4 hours. I had to push that 500lbs bike back for a half a mile, oh fun it is ! I looked at it and the main ignition/tank fuse blown, Right away I knew that they tapped into the wrong circuit and I informed jeff about it,but he is still in denial. So enough is enough I will bring it to the dealership and pay again to find the Issue,it turns out that indeed it was hooked up the wrong way and voided my warranty on this bike. The dealership also showed me what was behind the battery cover. I could not believe what I saw wires everywhere not a single wire was eighter moved or cleaned up by Mag as they justified their extra labor charge for this. I took a picture and send an e-mail to Jeff demanding a partial refund with a deadline because now to me this is fraud and I will not tolerate such behavior,especially after all the trouble I have been through with them already. Right away I will also mention that after this review Jeff will have a brilliant explanation what transpired as I noticed from other complaint BBB and Rip off reports Storys twisted and made in their favor with all the promised professionalism and 30 day warranty.It all sounds good till you get your bike back ! and you will discover that all of that it is never their fault if parts are damaged or overcharged or as in my case miss quoted or not delivered as promised. My advise, get everything in writing with a copy in your hands and take a picture of your bike. I hope this review saves someone a punch of trouble ! If there is one thing I hate most is dishonest people,but I believe in KARMA !

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