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Published: 15 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ll start by saying do not take anything you need repaired to this place. They have no idea what they are doing, lie about what they have done and always have an excuse for things. Please let me explain. I brought my bike into Mag for a shimmy in front and guages stopped working. This was written down as to why I brought it in. Was told they would get on it and they would give me a call when it was done. A week later, I called to see how things were going. I was told they haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. I was a little frustrated but I understood. I get busy at work too. Later the second week, I received a call from David saying they couldn’t get the bike started. They need to replace the battery. Ok, that’s understandable, but I wasn’t sure why they couldn’t get it started. After all, I rode the bike up there and never had an issue with it. A week later, into the 3rd week now, I get another call saying they can’t keep the bike running. I was told a wire going to the top of the fuel pump was taped on and they couldn’t fix it. I needed a new fuel pump. Now I’m really frustrated. I’ve never had a problem with the bike and I wanted to see for myself. I went up there a looked at what they said the problem was. I agreed to get this issue fix and spent almost $500 for it. After a month went by, I called again. Of course, they technition who is working on the bike is off again. I was told they would call me when he got back. The next day, got a call from David saying they are waiting for the fuel pump. At week 6, they fuel pump was replaced and I got a call saying, “we still can’t keep the bike running. It may be a relay in the back.” I was told it would take a total of 4 hours to get to the part and rebuild. I questioned every part of this and why they are having these issues. I wanted my bike back so I told them to get it done. A couple days later, I stopped by to check on the progress. They had my bike tore down and I was told the relay was good. It was the computer of the bike and that would be another almost $600.00. I told them where to. David called me the next day and said he could get the computer off of EBay for $100. That was fine by me. 2 weeks later, I stopped by to check on it because I haven’t heard from them. David said he hasn’t seen the computer come in yet. WHAT?!! I told him if they couldn’t get the bike fixed, I wanted it take up to Rockwall. I got a call a few days later saying the bike was fixed. I went up there, paid my balance and went to check out the bike. First thing i noticed was oil leaking. This was not a small leak. In the 5 minutes they brought the bike around, there was a 4 inch puddle on the ground. I brought David out to look at it. They ended up keeping it another 4 days before I got the bike. I was charged another 35 dollars to fix a leak after not having the bike for 2 months. Screw it, i’ll pay 100 just to get my bike away from this place! I pulled out onto the street and noticed my guages weren’t working. (I already paid for a fuse they said they fixed). I couldn’t ride it to work so I took it home. I live 3 miles away. When I got home, none of the lights were working either! I called David, told him what I thought of his place, was asked not to cuss at him and told him I would let everyone know my story. I hope you read this David. So long story short, I took my bike in for a shimmy and gauges not working. They didn’t get a chance to fix the shimmy, gauges still didn’t work, now the lights don’t work, didn’t have my bike for 2 months and spent $1000.00. .

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