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Dr. Magdy Elamir – A terrorist?

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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Wayne M. Frost

There was an article published in New Jersey in the month of June in the year 2000 according to which Chertoff defended and protected the guilty extremist: investor Dr. Magdy Elamir.
The State of New Jersey sued Elamir’s HMO for recouping $16.7 million in the losses. A minimum amount of $5.7 million was supposed to be received by the unknown parties which can also be seen mentioned in the article. Ben Gilman who is the House International Relations Committee’s chairman got the foreign intelligence reports in New York in the year 1998. According to the news broadcasted in 2002, Magdy Elamir was mentioned to be guilty as he had some financial ties with the famous Osama Bin Laden for a number of years.
Magdy Elamir and his brother were found to be suspicious in the operation of Diamondback. His brother tried purchasing some small arms as well as ammunition as recorded from one of his conversations on the telephone. It was also confirmed in the news that a dealer of Egyptian arms was already paid by Magdy Elamir an amount of $5,000 or probably some more. An involvement of another person named Mohsin was also reported who was sentenced to about thirty months for being involved in the operation of Diamondback. No normal declaration of crime was found for Elamir and he was never convicted.
In the years 1990 to 1994, the attorney for the District of New Jersey (The United States) was Chertoff. During this period of time, the first attack took place on the well-known “World Trade Center”. Omar Abdel-Rahman who was a preacher at a mosque named Al Salam was arrested later on as he also had some role in the incident of 9/11 for the bombing of the World Trade Center.
Operation Green Quest was an initiative of the military agency and it was appointed by Chertoff in 2001 for targeting the sources that funded the organizations of the terrorists. Chertoff also had an important role to formulate the policy of anti-terrorism in the USA.
The title of the chief architects was also given to Chertoff and he was nominated for the position of Third Circuit U.S Court of Appeals in the year 2003. Although Chertoff had never served on the court or jury before yet he became a federal judge and his jurisdiction included the areas of the Virgin Islands, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. After a period of nineteen months, Chertoff was also nominated for the position of the Secretary of Homeland Security by President Bush.
It is said that there are chances that Chertoff actually had some prior knowledge about the alleged connection of Elamir with Mohsin and Osama Bin Laden. All the calls that were made to the office of Chertoff were never returned. The hearings of senate confirmations for Chertoff have still not been scheduled as reported by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ office.
Two doctors were recently suspended by the Board of Medical Examiners practicing in New Jersey. The license of the doctors has been suspended by the state Board of Medical Examiners for being involved in an illegal case of drugs. The license of Dr. Magdy Elamir was also suspended temporarily. An emergency application was fielded by the state Attorney General’s Office and an immediate action was sought by the board.
Elamir who was a neurologist and another doctor named Clifton Howell were arrested in the month of October. It has been said by the director of the Attorney General’s Office’s Division of Consumer Affairs named David Szuchman that both of them did not properly examine the patients. They were not allowed by the board to continue examining the patients because they were a threat to the public. The prescriptions written by the doctors included Percocet as a reliever of pain, Xanax as a medicine for anxiety and a number of other costly medicines like Advair as an inhaler for the patients of asthma.
The patients were supposed to pay the doctors in cash. Elamir and another doctor named Howell were charged because of their involvement in health care and Medicaid frauds. The other doctor surrendered of his own will until a disciplinary hearing was held about the case. Elamir point-blank refused to surrender. Both of these suspensions were temporary. They were open-ended and they remain in effect until a decision is made by the board.
About Elamir, it was said that he was a drug dealer on a street corner. In spite of all these things, he managed to continue his business for a long period of time. It is a real mystery as to how. It was suspected that the money might have been sent to Al-Qaida but he told a news channel that it was not like that.

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