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Published: 05 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Beware when booking at this hotel on a pre-paid reservation. I missed the cut-off day by 1 day to cancel with a refund not due to my negligence but due to finding out my daughters to have surgery and I won’t be able to make the trip. Not only did they not try to accommodate refunding a week reservation during the College World Series where they in all likelihood will be sold out the week as they are already for one night, they had no empathy for my situation and made no accommodation at all. If this is how they treat people before they even arrive at their hotel I can not even imagine the service during the stay. I called the hotel this Monday morning to request a refund for my cancellation. I thought I had completed this on Friday which would have been within your cancellation period but when I went to print my confirmation email I didn’t see the cancellation. I reprocessed it this morning and that is when I called to make sure I could still get the refund. From being in the hospitality industry I know there are rules and in a perfect world we would all like them to be followed. I also know that there are circumstances where when it is within your control you try to accommodate the guest especially if you create goodwill with that person and the business would not be harmed. I know your occupancy is almost at 100% during the time I want to cancel and while I know I was not within the 30 days technically, I would think this is an accommodation you could make and still have plenty of time to book or resell the room. Not that the “why” should matter when it comes to giving excellent customer service but my daughter has had to have surgery and I am having to cancel my trip. While I would much rather be there and hope to go to the CWS someday it will just not be this year given the care my daughter will need. As of right now I have had her uncancel my reservation since the person i was talking to was unwilling to process a refund and I guess I will try to find someone that can purchase it from me although I was not wanting to have to deal with this as well during this time.

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