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Published: 22 December 2018

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THIS is the worst car lot I have ever been to Mike the manager loves to sit there and brag about how he has the number one car dealership in AZ and the best cars go figure but if you google car lots in Arizona he is SOOOO far from coming up as number one or anywhere nowless u google it personally lol!! I didn’t even find out about this lot thru word of mouth. When I first went to this car lot it was a lady and her family going crazy screaming at him about some stuff and the last thing that they said to me was ‘Don’t buy a car from here’ I should I have listened!!! but I didn’t I just figured it was a disgruntled customer that probably something didn’t go their way but in my case I go here meet Mike the manager he comes off to be this caring person that knows what he’s doing and looking out for your best Interest . (APPEARS) I just got out of a bankruptcy I got financed for the vehicle then I realize some things that weren’t working clearly on the car so I advsd him tht nxt day. My gas hand didnt work, the driver side bk seat window didnt let down, just little simple things so I thought. I kept requesting the purchase of a warranty and he stated that for sum reason I had to do it in house financing. Everytime I called to ask abt it he would keep promising to provide but tht was a stall tactic. With me working & having a life I tend to get busy. abt 3wks I did finally drop off my car he had it for 3days, gv me a loaner tht I later found out the blinkers didnt work it was missing a brake light (Horrible) advsd me his insurance does not cover loaners (yet he supposed to be the best car lot in Arizona) Cray!!! nothing was done to the car, I’m steady calling to see when my vehicle will be ready no one has any answers for me not even the Scratchy voice unhelpful receptionist nor the other sales reps everybody will always say only Mike the manager knows we’ll leave him a message.. So I really don’t even understand why the other people are there since they are not even authorized to be proactive enough to handle affairs when he is not available or to even be aware of certain situations especially Repairs & service! Jb 1 of the salesmen finally calls me after 3 days to tell me to pick up my car because now they have to order a part so he states Mike the manager says its no need for me to have my car sitting there when I can be using it while waiting on the FUEL SENDING UNIT PART!!!! so I agree and pick up my car. Then everything got quiet again no updates from no one the car lot nt keeping me posted on when the parts going to be their, again I call to check to see when it will be there on same old story Mike the manager is the only one that would know about that we will leave him a message… It’s like messing with the Stedfords of carlots they are all under his control or they’re all his puppets cause don’t nobody else know s*** !!!! It takes me to pop up there a couple of days later with my older brother and then all of a sudden as I walk in he said he yells the part just got it in today see! Oh how convenient. So he Takes my car tells me it will be no longer than 3 days and that he can’t give me a loaner this time because his insurance does not cover it (but again he supposed to be one of the best car lots in Arizona, yeh I don’t get it) I’m the one being inconvenienced how is that my fault. Then he offers to pay $20 a day for me to get a rental I explained to him that you have to put down a down payment to get a rental I don’t have 200 to 350 to hold for a rental so really him offering me $60 to get a rental for 3 days did not assist me nor did it help me if he’s not going to get the car for me on his own. But he likes to throw it in your face as if he’s just good person and look what I’m trying to do but its always a stipulation or loophole a dilemma!! It turns out he had my car for a whole week & and it wasn’t until I called a wk later to find out that my car was ready and it was towards the evening whn I found out…nobody else called so if I didn’t call that day it would have been another day but his BS talk states he has the best mechanic in town and that he needed to drop my gas tank to swap out the fuel sending unit once I got my vehicle back the engine light was off probably because they disconnected my battery he made a point to mention tht lol 15 mins into my ride home it was bk on. Then the minute I drove away I’m smelling gas fumes in my vehicle my car started to stall and I still didn’t know what was going on I call him back right away to advise him the same situation is happening I ask what did your mechanic do to my car his response was ‘well honey I don’t know I just sent it out to the mechanic so that it could get fixed and I’m not sure what he done but I know he had to drop the gas tank to get to the fuel sending unit. ( what kind of customer service is that you can’t even explain to your customer what your mechanic did step by step to their vehicle… ridiculous) several days later he said that I can bring the car back so that he can look at it again one thing he said to me was I really don’t have to do this because you don’t have a warranty on the vehicle and speaking of that I kept screaming warranty the whole first week I had my vehicle and he kept putting me off kept putting me off until that time frame comes where it’s no giving the car back Then I advised him that I was going to have someone else to look at my car since he can’t explain to me what his so called mechanic did to my vehicle which is very unprofessional he didn’t have a clue so when I tell him I was going to have someone else to look at my vehicle he told me and his exact words were ‘if you have someone else look at that vehicle I will not touch your car again’! WTH THTS MY RIGHT!!! Oh but now I understand why …. Took it to a ASE Certified mechanic, who Did Diagnostic test to find out there was water all in my gas tank!!!! the water had traveled all through my gas tank under my hood into my fuel injectors and everything were all wet and damaged . WHY???WELL THEIR MECHANIC DIDNT DROP MY GAS TANK HE CUT A BIG WHOLE NEAR THE GAS TANK TO ACCESS IT (The Lazy Way) Then did not cover the sides properly either so thats why Gas fumes come thru my back seat…. my insurance company came out to investigate they also agreed that if someone would have slammed into the back at me at any point my car cld blow up!!! Any spark or cigarette that wld have flown bk into my car could have made it blow up….The only reason they couldn’t cover it is because they cldnt prove criminal intent. Only Faulty work. I had left several messages for Mike while this whole ordeal was going on he never let you talk when you’re telling him things he likes to say what we don’t even need to discuss just bring the vehicle in I’ll look at it..Nvr Thorough, just the ol’ throwback janky car dealin fast talkn BS’NG AHOLE!!…Tht Appears to care(NOT) !! CUZ if we got in a accident me & my kids cld hv bn seriously Injured or worse cause of the way he does buisness!!!! He was even so petty as to lie abt leaving me several msgs…till I proved to him tht was a lie I had proof then he tried to rephrase it…..STOP IT MIKE AND GET YO LIFE!!!! They Unprofessional Him & The Insurance lady were Arguing bk in forth abt how much of My down payment I still owed them, which he advised me to lie to the Finance company abt still owing payments…I needed a car to get to work so I agreed While there arguing, he begins whispering & I here Roz the Insurance lady say No I’m not Doing that’ Dont want to assume but it sounded crooked… Cuz if YOU’LL lie about leaving msgs you will lie abt ANYTHING!! Can you say CivilLawsuit ICan… cuz Im done with this lot I dont recommend anyone to do buisness with this lot…..I have had bad experiences with used car’s but never like this were I took my time Writing a Review!!!!!! So it must be serious!!! .

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