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Published: 10 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We left the home we rented in good condition and took photos of the home before we left. We put a deposit of $1,900. Upon move out the property manager claimed we owe an additional (almost) $1,400 for damage to the property. There was no damage to the home. The initial disposition had inflated costs for carpet and repairs. We lived in the home for over 3 years. We have attempted to mediate, but the property manager refused. I even contacted the owner who refused to negotiate and work with us directly. We officially moved out September 15, 2014. No resolution has been reached. The property manager will not return phone calls or emails. The realtor is not at the office a majority of the time. When I stopped by the 1st time demanding a copy of the intitial disposition the realtor, Angela Russell called the police on me and refused to answer any questions I had in relation to the cost of work/repairs listed on the intitial disposition. I attempted to work with a mediator, they refused. I asked (in person) where the final disposition was, and Angela Russell claims that she was still waiting for final bills to come in. The home has been listed for rent for well over a month. The property is obviously in good condition based on the photo’s on the realtors web site. The realtor is unwilling to communicate and even drafted an email to me indicating that we would get a restraining order against us because we are “obviously mentally unstable”. This came after I visited her office after several ignored phone calls, emails, and letters dropped at her office. I would stop by the office several times a week hoping to talk to someone, and finally she was there. By this time I was very upset that the realtor continued to ignore us. I asked her to go over the disposition with me, she refused. She told me that I need to make an appointment. I reminded her that I had been calling and emailing on a regular basis to no avail. I told her that I wouldn’t leave without details and photos. She refused and called the police. Later she followed up with an email to insult us and threaten us with a restraining order. She is disregarding us and forcing us to file court papers. It really is the only option at this point. Before we put in our written move out notice, the realtor continued to stop by the residence attempting to reach us. My teenage daughter told her to call us. When I asked her not to communicate important matters with my children she said “well, maybe you should teach your kids not to answer the door for strangers”. I had the phone on speaker phone (which was playing over the speakers inside my car) when the realtor said this to me. She is by far the most unprofessional realtor I have ever met and I have been a licensed real estate agent for 14 years and in real estate 20 years. The realtor has since continued to ignore our requests for a copy of our final disposition.

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