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Published: 05 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

It all started on night after a shoot and went to Seventh Veil on Sunset (eww gross). I was with Celine Dufetel at the shoot and we were going to meet her roommate Jackson Cosko and Ben Sherwood. Jeff Weaver our DP called and was talking about how Bernie won a bunch of money playing craps (he goes by T-Rex like really weirdo). They said the gang from MM was going to come up including Sierra Modhouse- who he knows I can’t stand. I was really tired and hadn’t eaten in like two days. Jeff starts in on my trying to run his slimely hands up my skirt and I tried to get away. He kept coming back and I’d slip away. As the rest of the group shows up everything gets better and I mostly stay next to Celine and her friends Amanda Rosenberg and Abagail Piedmont Johnson (sounds so royal). I tried to introduce Amanda to Jeff but hell no, he kept coming back to me. Jeff was almost pass out drunk at the end and kept screaming out how Bernie won and they were throwing money at the girls- really just classless. I can’t get that did I tell you how Bernie won? Did I, he won big. Forgetting he’d do it again, did I tell you how Bernie won? Annoyed me so much I was done. Everyone else was too. The Valet parked my car in back so I had to wait almost 30 mins to get it back. Everyone had left but Celine and me…you guessed it Jeff. Right then Frederico pulls up in his Farari just about as trashed as Jeff was. They hate each other but Freddi was like Jeffy come in and bring the girls I got a deal for you. I was like no come on Celine lets go I need to get up tomorrow. She somehow talked me into going I wish I didn’t. This guy Ricardo Carduso some cartel type shows up with a huge bag of white powder and stacks of money. Celine being so cut throat and all was like we are not leaving sit your a** down. I was talking to Ricardo and Jeff got encenced and grabbed my arm took me near the bathroom. He said, Freddi just made him a deal to JV on some big production but he needed to see some love hint hint wink wink. He actually said that- gross. I was like you’re out of your f’ing mind screw you you fk him. Then he put his hand up my skirt and started licking my face. I tear up trying to not let him see. He did. He reminded me of an audition when I first started. Him and Celine and I had sex. I didn’t know it would come back to huant me and if I could go back I would. I cant (shaking now). He told me if I didn’t do Freddi that he’d send that video to every casting director so that they would at least know to try and fk me before they not hire me. He started showing me text messages between him and a bunch of CDs I know and they are discusting. He wasn’t kidding. He also said he would get T-Rex to make sure I went. I wiped away the tears and told him and Bernie (T-Rex is stupid name) they can go fk each other. I wiped my face and left. I just remember leaving with Freddi and my memory is almost nonexistant for the next hour or two but I remember looking back wanting to say no but not getting the words out for fear of loosing it all and seeing the look on his face. When he finished he threw me a stack of money but I coundn’t take it. I left. Don’t ever get yourself in this position. Stay away from crepes…definetly people you work with. I ended up asking them to finish my contract and let me go. I swore I wouldn’t say anything just let me work. He said he would I made him promise. Today I left an audition and the slimeball had the audacity to show me a video of guess who. I was devistated. My Uber driver made me promise to post this. I’m going to delete in the morning maybe- maybe not. Jeff Weaver you are a bad man. How Bernie won means nothing like how bad you’re going to lose for what you did you animal. When good people get hurt by bad people spreading lies people lives get forever ruined. You hurt me and you created a monster. You may not have been the one to do it yourself but you allowed this to happen. You created this mess, deal with the consequeces. Freddi would have been nothing that night if it weren’t for you. So much for do no harm.

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