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Published: 02 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I wonder if UnifiedGrocers knows you stiffed lilstarparties for 6,100 for the month of April ( oops! They didn’t want UnifiedGrocers to know that!! Apparently it’s not just my wife they lied to..I wonder how much they scammed UnifiedGrocers for? )and then when they, lilstarparties asked where their check is, Robert Patin (the controller) responded by saying that lilstarparties were being unprofessional and would never do business with them again. He also said this is a small matter and that he was sure my wife has paid her bills late before. As if that somehow makes it ok not to pay people.. Robert Patin then said they will cut a check on that Friday and when my wife said she would come pick it up, Robert said he wouldn’t want anybody that my wife does business with coming to their office ( keep in mind.. THEY OWE lilstarparties 6,000).. A few days later, Robbie Thaine, the owner calls acting as if my wife had a “case” that he has to look into before he can pay her with small insulting undertones throughout the conversation..not sure why the “CEO” has to be given the “ok” to cut a check?? So that call ends with my wife once again hanging up the phone with still no answer as to when she will be getting paid for the MONTHS worth of work she did for Makai Inc. A week later Robbie Thaine calls back and says that he was given the ok to cut a check and will be sending it out and that he was sorry it got to this point.. GREAT!! Not so fast!! A week later still no check.. But now!…Nobody will answer the phone for the they have all now been familiarized with.. So a Tweet went out…not by my wife but her business partner.. Robbie Thaine then calls my wife immediately and now yells to my wife “WE ARE CEASE AND DECIST!”….. This showed me how dumb this guy is… We aren’t giving away secrets dude.. We’re giving away the truth! He wouldn’t say anything else but “WE ARE CEASE AND DECIST!” Btw..He makes people sign a ND (non-disclosure) I’m assuming for the threat factor if you tell anybody he didn’t pay you cause there’s no other reason to have “promo people” sign something like this, it’s a ubiquitous job in LA..Keep in mind, HE OWES OVER 6 grand to lilstarparties.. Well, about 4 hrs later Robert Patin calls back, not the owner but an threatening my wife again saying that if she wants to get paid at all he is ” ADVISING her that if she knows what’s good for her she will take down the tweets”..and telling her that he has a pre-law degree and that this will cost us soooo much money and he’s just trying to help her get paid.. So my wife says to them, ” send me an email and a letter telling me when I can expect a check?” They said they wouldn’t do that.. She said “then the tweets stay” (my wife actually NEVER sent any tweets, it was the people that love her and know how hard she works). So then Robert says “if you want it in writing you won’t get paid til September” (she was originally to be paid 30 days from job completion which would have been around May 5th, per makais’ own contract they gave her) but in the background you hear Robbie Thaine (owner) yell out “LONGER! EVEN LONGER!” After going back and forth for 20 minutes, Robert Patin then goes on to blame UnifiedGrocers for not paying them and saying that’s why they haven’t paid lilstarparties and that businesses just go through things sometime..So now that call ends.. That was last Friday .. I guess their rep is worth the 6k they owe my wife. Sad.. I conclude with this. My wife runs 2 businesses with the upmost integrity and did these guys a favor by agreeing to do this job that didn’t pay for 30days when she didn’t have any prior dealings with this company. She was honoring a recommendation from another person which she’s had many pleasant business transactions with so she trusted Makai was ethical. My wife paid her employees, out of pocket, immediately after the job as she does every week since the beginning of her company (10yrs) ..She NEVER places the responsibility of payment on anybody but herself. If she can’t afford to pay you she would NEVER accept the job! Makai.. You made a huge mistake on a Karmic level.. This is an amazing woman you stole time from. She does what she does for love and not for that money you love so much that you can’t get enough of it so you take advantage of those you THINK can’t fight you. Well, I’m her husband and I’ve now accepted the challenge! .

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