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Published: 15 April 2020

Posted by: SadiaImam

I am an oversees Pakistani, mother of three and a university professor in the US. I recently applied for Sindh government plot balloting (MDA) in Karachi through my sibling. Her husband was present in balloting in Beech Luxury Hotel Karachi on 19th July. He was surprised by the fact that the system that MDA was using was flawed. Before even balloting started he tried to test MDA”s balloting system for imaginary National IDSs number to his surprise for some imaginary numbers the system says you are successful then he asked other non-participants and for their real NICs the system was producing “Unsuccessful” result with note to “collect your their refunds” from their banks. In the balloting by PPP”s minister Saeed Ghani(03009228120), one of the most corrupt politicians of all times there was an over 30 min delay happened due to the software glitch(that my brother in law was told) in the middle of the balloting process. Here is the link, . Then for next two consecutive days the system was down. Cheak attached pictures. Later we found out on their FB page that others costumers were also complaining the same so I decided to get more information about the process and here is what I found out. Malir Development Authority”s some very corrupt officials(DG, Ad DG and Secretary) outsourced(for perks) their balloting process to the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI or Pakistan justice party”s Tahir Khan(News One TV guy recently kicked out of Premier Imran Khan cabinet) company “Contact Plus” without going through bidding(tender) process that is must. Contact Plus is not certified in balloting services by either Pakistan”s central bank or SECP and over 30 min delay due to technical glitch and later tons of complaints by oversees Pakistanis about balloting flaws merits a prob. According to those present in balloting event the Q&A was also not allowed after balloting. The corrupt Sindh Government officials who participated in this illegal outsourcing from MDA were, Ad DG Mr. Imran Atta Soomro Director General 03002244348, Mr. Muhammad Sohail Khan Add”l D. G [protected]), this guy is illegally on this position despite Sindh High Court orders that he should go back to KMC where he came from. Still country”s accountability department NAB did not do anything about him. Finally Mr Muhammad Arshad Khan 03219255908 who came from KDA and illegally on his position despite court orders.

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