Managed Forex Accounts

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Do not invest in Managed Forex Accounts!! You will lose all your money here

Managed Forex Accounts is a bloody fake company. They promised to give high returns with very low risks since they have a well trained staff with average returns 10% to 25%. This was all bullshit.

Since I was new to trading I had requested a manager for myself who would look after my trading 24 hours a day. This way my account would be well managed and would help me diversify my trading. I gave all my bank account details so that money transfer could go on smoothly. I trusted in them since they convinced me they were the best. But I was a fool to trust in Managed forex accounts. They kept taking money from my account on the context of investing for higher returns. I have given them $65,000 and it’s been a year this March and I haven’t got any returns. When I used to call my manager and ask about my profits he would say the market it currently not good and I should wait. I waited a fucking entire year but haven’t received any money. In fact I have lost money more than I had imagined.

Now when I call them to return my money they just cut my call or transfer to a busy line. Guys I am writing this so that you don’t get fooled like me and lose your money like I did. Also if anyone has faced this same problem please comment and review about this fraud company.


  1. kevin November 7, 2017
  2. anonymous23 November 15, 2017
  3. scamreporter9 November 29, 2017

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