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Published: 07 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Real estate refers to all the tangible property either the land or the land with buildings and natural beauty on it. People call themselves brokers and help others in finding the best location for them. But do you think that everybody wants to see you grow or your benefit will give the broker some peace? Well, you might be wrong over here. Just like every other industry, every other business, there are scams too. To avoid these scams, people have started looking for a real estate broker with relevant qualification. But the issues are still there. Does every real estate learning center provide the best education and methods for getting clients? Some schools claim to be best when it comes to real estate education. In reality, these schools are nothing as they portray themselves like the Manfred Real Estate Learning Center. This place is a fraud and nothing else.
As mentioned above frauds are everywhere. Even the education system has some people that want money and not the benefit of others. Why do people always think about their future? Is it that bad to think about fellow beings? Not at all. Being selfish is not what you call success. Misguiding people with properties, selling or lending the sites illegally or at a higher rate than market price is a crime and will always be. I’m a victim of these thieves.
Schools are the building blocks of a society and when it comes to business or more specifically real estate business, the education system needs to be honest and teach honesty. Learning centers or institutions like Manfred Real Estate Learning Center might be highly rated but different websites have also talked about their other, dishonest side. They do teach real estate business and how to earn from this industry but they put in negative thoughts and guide their students to the path of dishonesty. For them, it is just a way to earn better and have a good living standard. Eventually, their graduates go deep in the darkness and the wrong path is all that they have as a source of income. When I realized that they teach unethical practices, I stopped going there.
It is not just about the real estate section of education, but all other departments at Manfred involve mischief at some level. Earning a handsome salary should not be the motive. For an institute, it is important to be loyal to their profession. They are responsible for the acts of the future generation. Some of you might be thinking that it is the responsibility of the family to raise their children with good thoughts, etiquettes, and make them realize that they have some duties to society. But you should rectify your perception here. Schooling is 40% responsible for the upbringing. When parents are playing their part, institutions must educate their students at a better level.
For a better future, please choose educational institutes wisely. Everyone who claims to provide the best knowledge might not be the same in reality. Some people build up institutions to earn and not for providing quality education.

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