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one of the most horrible organizations in this field

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Published: 28 April 2019

Posted by: Emanuel L. Malloy

Manfred Real Estate School used to be good when it was small. Now that they have grown big and become a giant educational organization, they are no longer worth the money. The quality of their courses had fallen and they no longer provide you with the kind of support they promise to. In fact, they have now one of the most horrible organizations in this field. I was recommended these people by one of my friends. He had taken a course from these people many years ago and he was quite impressed. As he is a close friend, I went to this place. But let me tell you one thing, Manfred school doesn’t have a great reputation locally. In fact, no one recommends these people. That’s because they are way overpriced and the market has many other real estate course providers who can get you better results with less effort and money. But again, because my friend recommended these guys I went. It was one of my biggest financial mistakes. First, they don’t treat you with respect. I expected the reception and the teachers to be a little respectful but they act just the opposite. And the courses, oh don’t even get me started on these. The courses are really crappy and provide you with outdated information. If they provide you with outdated information, then what gives them the right to charge you so much? Well according to them, it’s their tag. According to them, if you tell others that you took a course in the Manfred School, you will get a high-paying job easily. That’s just a lot of crap and nothing else. These people are clearly full of themselves and they don’t give a damn about the welfare of their so-called students. I wish I had taken one of their internet courses first. These people charge you hundreds of dollars just to feed you with crap. They are so much ruined that their chances of becoming a great institute again are zero. I’m certain they’ll be shut down eventually. I also found out that Manfred School now gives you courses in many other areas apart from real estate. They have a course to make you a health coach and another to make you a computer technician. I have talked to one of the students of the health coach program and he hated it. He had the same concerns as I do. These people were giving him obvious information and were providing him with no value whatsoever. He also thought that he was getting scammed. I have tried to keep my review unbiased here. These people used to be good and they had a great reputation. But now, they are just lame and useless. They are now selling obsolete knowledge and charging you hundreds of dollars for it. You’d be better off taking courses someplace else and save your money and effort. In fact, it would be great for you if you didn’t take the course at all. At least you’d have some money by your side instead of some useless info.

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