Manny Abell

Manny Abell Pedophile and Sex Offender

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Manny Abell is a NOTORIOUS SEX OFFENDER. Manny Abell would get himself drunk on his trips to Annapolis Naval Academy and invite an underage girl (a prostitute) who was also drunk to his room. Than he would proceed with the most loud and drunken orgy which we all witnessed. Manny Abell had a specific taste to an underage girl due to his own saying that his wife is an old fat whore who was never able to satisfy him. Manny Abell would boast that he does this \”trick\” all the time – getting away from his wife and go on the drunken binge with the prostitutes with his preference to the underage ones. We as his classmates all terrified to report Manny Abell this behavior since all of us are afraid of his influential connections in the NAVY. Manny Abell has been investigated on multiple occasions by many Military Services and always has gotten away with murder. Manny Abell is the most DISHONEST and DISGUSTING individual to serve in US NAVY. We all hope that eventually Manny Abell receives what he deserves for his CRIMES.

Annapolis Navy Academy Alumni.

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