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That clinic is full of greedy scum bags!

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Published: 02 June 2019

Posted by: Karen

I started going to Manteca Dental Care because they accepted my insurance. I found out about them from Google Maps where they have a really astonishing rating. For my first appointment, the doctor took an X-ray and did a small checkup. The girl who was in charge of the x-ray seemed inexperienced and she had to do multiple attempts just to get the x-ray done. It was annoying, I’m not gonna lie. Then finally the hygienist and the dentist did their thing. They informed me that I have a total of 7 CAVITIES. They recommended that I get a laser cleaning treatment and molar implant otherwise I might get serious gum disease. After the scary part was done, they took me to the billing counter and the girl there, told me that I have to pay a sum of $9,000 out of pocket. This was after she used my insurance. These guys don’t accept any CARE cards, they require the most direct means of money. She “helped” me by dividing the treatments into multiple sessions so that I can pay her a few thousands every time. I simply could not afford to spend ten thousand dollars, so I decided to cancel their appointments and sit back home. I was really depressed that I will get gum disease because of my own lack of financial freedom. My sister suggested that I go to a different clinic to get a second opinion. This place was running a 50% offer on their first appointment so I thought,” Why not give them a try as well?”. I booked an appointment for the same day and went there. The staff was really cool and the doctor was fabulous. After doing a simple x-ray, the doctor told me that I don’t have any cavities and I can go home. I was shocked to hear things and I asked him again,” Wait, did you say I don’t have ANY cavities?”. And he said,” Yes, no cavities at all, however, you do need to get a teeth whitening treatment done, but other than that, you have great oral health.” I was still not sure so the doctor showed me the x-rays and explained the whole thing. I asked him,” Do I need to get a tooth implant?” and he replied by saying,” Even though you can get a dental implant, I would not advise you do, because those are expensive and you don’t need them right now, they will just make your teeth look & feel better.”. By now it was clear to me that Manteca Dental Care’s doctors were only trying to scam me. This new place was obviously a thousand times better than that hell hole. I don’t go to Manteca Dental and I would strongly suggest that you do the same. They will do anything to get money out of your pockets. Please take my advise and go to any other dental clinic around in your neighborhood. This place isn’t worth visiting.

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