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Published: 28 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Had to take this MAP Investment, MAP builds 4 less, Michael Paulson to small claims court. He broke our contract. I should have never trusted this guy. I have the option of appealing the decision. The judgement rendered was half the amount of my deposit. MAP broke contract by not getting the drawings to me on time. I never made it aware that the contract had been breached, instead I allowed time to pass, and he finally rushed together a third grade rendition of a home remodel. After receiving the preliminary drawing, I requested a refund. Not because the drawings were s*** because they were but based on the time frame alloted in the contract. The judge saw it that because I did not tell this guy verbally or in email “HEY MAN GIVE ME A REFUND CAUSE YOUR A DAY LATE” – Because I did not baby sit this guy and tell him that he was late getting the drawings back to me, but because he did eventually get them to me, that voids the contract! WHY WAS THERE EVEN A CONTRACT IF THE GUY WHO FORCES THE OTHER GUY TO SIGN IT CAN BREAK THE DAMN THING!? IT WAS NEVER BINDING TO BEGIN WITH. MAP and affiliates claim to have so much experience drawing home remodels and no one has ever asked them to do it in color or in 3D? They had no clue of any software that was capable of this? The judge compared MAP to dealing with your wife when you think & believe you have made it perfectly clear, she still is confused about what your saying, so she fucks up. Yes your honor, all husbands go through that. I thought I was dealing with a professional company, not scam artist. If I appeal I could search deeper in the contract and bring evidence to show where he broke it even more by not providing in the drawings what he said he would put within the drawings, there was zero detail and zero measurements, zero electrical & plumbing, owner received only one set when the contract states two. This list goes on. Anyways this business, individual, and any affiliates are to be steered clear of. My bad for not figuring out this person for who he is sooner. I became the victim and got scammed. Now I am here – hoping the general public reads this and protects themselves from scum like this. All those in the DFW area reading this, move on and keep searching, this is not the right match.

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