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Published: 05 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve been trying to satisfy the small account I have with this collection agency. They never called or sent a letter. They attacked my credit and me being the person I am I responded immediately. I was greater by a “Unit Manager” named David Diaz that offered me a deal of making payments to settle the account within 10 months with NO INTEREST added onto the amount that was at current standing. I tried to explain to Mr. Diaz that I am a minimum wage earner and needed a minute to look over my budget. When I called back Mr. Diaz had a completely different attitude. He was very rude and disrespectful even before I let him know my figures. He told me to pay a certain amount and I said I couldn’t because that leaves wme with no money to care for my family and home. I told him what I could afford and that I could complete payment on the account by the 10 month mark. I then offered to email him a copy of the table I had figured. He told me that he didn’t care what I wrote down or if I had to sale my “butt” (said in graphic language) to pay the debt my sorrya** trying not to pay. I had to hang up because I knew I was going to break down into tears. I cried and called back. Got his email and decided never to speak verbally with him again so that what he says to me is documented. Later after emailing him my plan to satify the account within 10 months to have No Interest Added, he denied a payment in attempts to cause me to fall out of the planned schedule and end up having Interest added. I wasn’t going to be bullied. After he denied the first payment (that I still have). I noticed he charged interest before the next payment. I asked for an explanation and never received a response but I still kept my end of the deal and made my payments according to the original plan…10 months No Interest Added. Then I tried to reach his supervisor where I encountered the major Deceptive Business Practices. She said to email he all my communication with David Diaz and that her name was Pam. I sent all information to “Pam” and never received a response. I called “Pam” and she said she’d get back to me the next day she was still looking through it. Next day, Nothing. I called numerous times. Finally someone answered and I asked for “Pam”. She said that was her. As I questioned her about the information she was questioning me about the same information. I soon realized this was Not “Pam”. Found out it was Kim Williams the office manager. She had me wait 2 more days as “She went through the information”. When I called her back, yes I had to call her because the business day was about over and she had Not contacted me. We spoke and Kim yelled at me numerous times that I was irresponsible and when I rebutted that she didn’t know me and that the account went unpaid because I wasn’t able to make any payments on it when it first came to be and then forgot about it. But as soon as I recognized it I didn’t dodge it but I was right there taking responsibility for the situation. She asked me in a very snotty way “What are you trying to do, buy a house?” Before I could answer she continued by stating “We’ll make sure you never get a loan.” As made as that made me I told her I don’t want a house and she would stop anything in my because I make my life happen. I told her that I would make a payment on the coming Monday and she demanded I make it that day (Friday). I went ahead and did. But funny thing is that I filed a complaint with FTC and will do so with the Bar Assosiation next. I never tried to run away from my responsibilities but this company has been trying to bully me in to paying them 2-3 times the amount owed but taking on interest rates they have no business trying to use and threatinh to take me to count. I have a secret backup plan that Kim and David both emailed me not knowing that they gave me bullets to shoot their butts with. How unintelligent. Anyone that want to know contact me and I’ll give you all the information I know to help you…no charge. Just pay it forward. Kisses .

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