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Published: 30 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Marcoa publishing and advertising is a complete sham. The Military Base Guide Phone Book is completly worthless that preys on small business and Dr. Offices. First they come into in your buiness pushy and rude and act like they own the place and then they will not take no for an answer. They try to tell you the perks of advertising with them and how it helps the military families and new military base members who move onto the base. However this is a lie. Do military members and families get any of that overprised advertisement money? The answer is no. Does it help real veterans in any way? The answer is no. If you were to ask militray member in your town if they have even seen a copy of this phone book, the answer is always no. If you were to ask them if the mobile phoe has ever been downloaded by them or anyone else they know, the answer is no. They have never even seen it. If a military wife or spouse were asked the same thing, the answer would always be no. The My Base Guide / Military phone book is absolutly over priced for absolutly zero results. You could poll any buiness in your community to find out the truth about this scam. You are throwing your money away. You can ask any active military member and ask them as well. No one has ever seen this publication. I beleive they tell you it is part of the welcome packet but in reality, I beleive it is not even handed out to any military member who enters your local base. You are throwing your money away. It is worthless, It is a waste of money and your time. The mobil app is a scam , no one in the military is required to download it or use it as the salesperson would have you beleive. They would try to guilt trip you into thinking you do not beleive in or support the base. You don’t beleive in the military and veterans and they will try to berate you and become rude when you don’t want to spend money for that ineffective form advertising. When the truth is that not one person on the base reads or has even seen that telephone book or mobile app. I have talked to bookeeprs and office managers from the local Dr. Offices. who refuse to use there advertising. They again told them that if they do not advertise in the My Base Guide/ Military Phone Book that the base will longer give them military refurals. They lead in with extortion tactics. But again if no one ever uses or reads the book then what difference does it make? It does not matter if you advertise with or not you will still get you refurals. The military base guide is in no way actually or factually connected with the military in any shape or form. If anything the military should discontue its services with them all together. With strong arms tactics and disinformation this publication and sales team give the military a bad name, as if the military and government needs any help with that. Getting back to the Dr offices and the problems there of- the Government hires private contractors i.e. insurance companies to handle the military medical needs. They bill the government for the services and recieve a heap of your tax dollars and then refuse to pay the Doctor offices or hospitals. So military members are often refurred to private clinics in your town the insurance companies do ot pay them. Many Doctor offices now have to lay off workers, turn away military members for health care and some have been driven into bankruptcy. If this sounds like your office then why advertise in the military base guide? You are not going to want to advertise to attract any military member with a dead bead insurance company would you? Why are not going public about how these private contractors are ripping you and your local tax payers off? If you own a small business or a even a chain of business the military base guide is a completly worthless way for you spend you advertising dollars. Again no one on base gets a copy, seen a copy, neither their spouses or families. You will not be black balled , harrassed or passed over in anyway shape or form for not participating. Marcoa is not tied into the military or public affiars office in any way as they would have you believe. If you see any off there sales rep in your buisness telling you anything of the sort be sure to ask them to leave and not return and contact your military base public affiairs office and put in a complaint about their behaviors, lies and decietful business practices. Or ask them to return and video record it and put it on you tube to show others how decietful they are with your line of questions. If you are a Doctor or Dental office and if you see these rude pushy sales people in your office tell them to leave and do not be fooled into thinking that the insurance companies are not paying the bills because they refuse to advertise them. This is lie they say to trick you into advertising with them. They are not connected to the insurance company either. Again, contact the public affairs office telling them not to return to your place of business. You can Google (the name of your base) public affairs office to get into contact with them. You would be wasting your time calling MARCOA directly becasue the office is more rude and unproffesional as their scammy sales people. If you are on the board of your local chamber of commerce, or business club be sure to share this information with other business in your community. They cannot produce or even proove that their publication is even distributed to military members. Do your own investigatins and you will see this as a truth. Its a scam that produces no bang for your buck.

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