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A horrible place to get your vision treated!

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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Julie

I had gotten my lenses from these places and they became unusable after a few weeks. They got so blurry that even my niece who has a clear vision couldn’t read through them. The doctors at Marietta Vision Professionals are claiming to be real professionals but in fact, they are nothing more than a sham. It’s either that or they are too careless to provide real treatment to their customers. In either case, this place isn’t suitable for visiting. You won’t get any treatment here. All I got from this place are big bills to pay, crappy lenses that are too blurry to see through and a life lesson that never trust a book by its cover.

I was fooled by this place’s website. Apart from that, one of my friends had recommended this place because of its amazing service. She had a great experience here. Now, either the staff has changed or she was mistaken and was talking about a completely different clinic. Because not only did the people here sold me useless lenses at a surreal price, but they also refused to give me a replacement for free. They didn’t accept their fault. In fact, they began to claim that I was trying to scam them!!! What kind of attitude is that?! Do they really think that low of their customers? Anyway, when they said that I might be trying to scam them by showing them crappy lenses and getting replacements for free, I realized that this place isn’t worth my time or effort. I just wanted to let others know about this place’s reality. You won’t get to hear about the crappy behavior of their staff or the terrible products they sell online because apparently, they have some reputation management company which takes care of all the negative complaint. I had submitted my complaint before at some other site, but it got removed for some reason I still haven’t found out. The eye doctor here seemed like a great person but after the way the staff behaved me, I realized that he isn’t a great person either. After all, the staff behaves only the way they are told to behave by the doctors. They can’t just go against what the doctors have told them to do. And if it’s their policy to treat every customer as if he or she is a scammer, then let me tell you, it’s a trashy policy. I have never heard of such a horrible policy except in communist countries. I’d recommend staying as far from this place as possible. DON’T BE FOOLED BY THEIR FAKE SMILES! They’ll first behave really nice and make you feel as if they really care about you. But in reality, they just act this way so you’ll buy their useless products. I’m glad that I’ll no longer be visiting this place. I have also alerted my friends and family about this place and you should too.

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