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Published: 29 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is one of those loan companies that star off with an agrement to get you a low interses rate for a minimum amount od money, but after time and mean at least a year or more, you wil get these this is the last and final fee,,,, so many promises that since you already paid you figure what is another $50, $80 or even another $100 to get it finished THE PROBLEM IS = its never the end and its nver finalized/ Evert internatinal and doemstic banling law is violated and Not one written word of promise or agreement is held up and it changes EVERY TIME tHIS HAS NOT JUST HAPPENED WITH MYSELD BUT FOR MANY PEOPLE AND FEEL I HAVE THE OBLIGATION to tell others to NOT USE THIS SERVICE UNLESS YOU JUST WANT TO LOSE ALOT OF MONEY and they will ormise you will get the loand and you will wait and wait and wait and then the those words of “WE HAVE A SMAILL PROBLEM,,,,” and there starts the long ardous paindul process I find that many people search these types of loans probably becase they are faced with an immediate need for finances that cannot be gotten in more conventional way and this NEED, THIS DESPERATION IS WHAT LEADS US DOWN THIS UNEDNDING PATH OF DESTRUCTION ND GOING BROKE ………… BEING SO VULNERABLE CAN CLOUD OUR JUDFEMENT AS IT DID MINE AND IT WILL COST NOT ONLY ALOT OF MONEY BUT TREMENDOUS HEARTACHE. The process of dealing with this company MARK JERRY LOANS = STOP AND DONT DO IT NO MATTER WHAT THEY WILL KILL YOU WITH FEES AFTER FEES THAT ARE NOT EVEN LEGITIMATE . AND AS WE ALL KNOW WITH ALL THE SCAMS THIEVES HACKERS AND IMPOSTERS, THESE SCAMS ARE SO SOPHISTOCATED THAT THERE IS JUST NO RECORSE NOR GETTING JUSTCIE, THERE IS NOT ONE TRUTH BY THIS COMPANY AND PLEASE DO NOT WSTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY DO SOMETHING ELSE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WHAT STARTED AS A PROMISE FOR A SUBSTANTIAL LOAN FOR A ONE TIME FEE OF $150,00 (ONE HUNDRED FIFTY US DOLLARS ) went to more than about $10,000,00 and i know others who allowed themselves to be taken for more than $25,000.00 before they STOPPED. CAUTION PEOPLE….. THESE ARE NOT PEOPLE TO GET INVOLVED WITH GET SOME REFERRALS AND DO NOT BLINDLY TRUST THOSE YOU DONT KNOW NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT SOUNDS AND THE OLD TRITE CLICHE OF ….IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS….. WELL THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED HERE = ALOT OT TALK AND PROMISES AND NO DELIVERY NOTHING BUT LOTS OF LOST MOMEY AND SERIOUSLY ALOT OF GRIED AND HEARTACHES !!! D O N O T U S E MARKJ JERRY LOAN FIRM ( (email address removed by admin)) STAY CLEAR WHATEVER YOU DO AND DONT THINK YOU ARE DIFFERENT AND YOU GET SOMETHING SPECIAL BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT AND ALL THE PROMISES AND ALL THE TALK IS JUST THAT ….ALLL TALK NO ACTION!!!! .

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