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Published: 21 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was shopping as usual in the store, just recovered from oral surgery when to my chagrin one of the clerks ran across the store, ran past me, ran around me, started shaking my basket, screaming that i was not gong to shop there, and started grabbing my shopping basket forcibly, and chasing me . Was bullying me verbally and physically. I did not comply with that behavior and walked away saying help help so the managers would see what was going on… I had to leave my shoppng short, i asked for escort so i could leave. I was mortified in front of customers, and staff of the store. … Followed up 7 times with corporate who did nothing ..5 weeks later the district manager called and never apologized, or asked what he could do. Told me not to come back to the store. Was horribly mortified by his behavior and the store and said i was the victim, you need to have anger management for those employees who attach customers for no reason…He had no comment and was in the dark about the state of texas the bully laws. Texas considers it a felony if you are physically threatened ..the district manager and the manager of the store do not know about these laws and dont value their customers apparently. .

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