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Published: 05 October 2018

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I worked as a commissioned sales rep for Steven E. Condit and Marketing Metrics Corp. of Pewaukee, WI for several years. Condit’s company, Marketing Metrics Corp, was the Wisconsin representative agency for ThomasNet of New York, NY, and I was engaged as a sub licensee of ThomasNet through Marketing Metrics Corp. Steve Condit asked me to meet in January of 2012, surreptitiously to review my 2011 sales results, my 2012 business plan, and to discuss the terms of renewal of my independent representative contract. Condit instead told me at the meeting that he would not be offering me a renewal license/ independent contractor agreement. I was concerned about the amount of money (my pending commissions) that Condit controlled. I had heard horror stories from previous Marketing Metrics reps regarding their experiences trying to get their settlements from Condit. I was hopeful of avoiding that scenario when Condit approached me with an offer: As the Regional Sales Manager for ThomasNet and the President of Marketing Metrics Corp., Condit solicited an agreement: He promised to pay me (my own money) in a structured, monthly, planned manner and settle with me completely by year-end 2012. if I provided him with information that would help him with his renewals and new business opportunities. We both agreed to the arrangement. I immediately began the process of contacting all my former accounts. I thanked them for their business over the years, I assured them that they would be contacted soon by a new rep, and I told them that I was confident they would continue to see the value in their ThomasNet programs and new sales team. I soon heard from several Marketing Metrics Corp employees looking for help. They told me that Steve Condit had told them to reach out to me for information. I spent hours on the phone with them and sent dozens of emails supporting their sales efforts. I spent the next three weeks emailing detailed information to Condit and his sales team. This included information about every transitioning account and included comments on their issues and opportunities. One Marketing Metrics Corp employee even emailed me an ACT spreadsheet, requesting information on her “inherited accounts”. Besides the information I had already provided to other Marketing Metrics Corp. employees, she asked me to edit and update Condit’s database of accounts and to provide feedback on each. I filled everything out, made numerous corrections, and returned it to her promptly. Again, Marketing Metrics Corp president Steve Condit had agreed to pay me every month and provide a final settlement to me in December, 2012 in return for this valuable information. I complied with all of Condit’s requests promptly and professionally. He only paid me as he agreed in February and March. I had to remind him to pay me in April & May, and I saw no more payments in 2012. Subsequently, after ignoring a string of emails and phone calls, he sent me an email that basically demanded that I stop calling and emailing him and he would provide my final settlement in June 2013. I was sent a partial payment in spring 2013, and another partial in December 2013. As of today he has not provided a satisfactory accounting of of my final settlement, though he has recently made an attempt to settle for a fraction of my well-documented number. All of this appears to be a planned scheme for Condit to leverage my long-term client relationships to line his own pockets, keep me from my own money, and allegedly to promote his own agenda and self-serving interest in the Wisconsin industrial B2B marketplace. Condit ignored most of my emails and all of my phone calls, made excuse after excuse, stalled, lied outright and broke the agreements he made with me. I’m posting this to enlighten existing associates, potential employees, reps, partners, and businesses about my experiences to date and to share the ongoing story of how I’ve been manipulated and short-changed in this whole relationship. I entered into business contracts with Steven E. Condit and Marketing Metrics Corp and I’ve had nothing but continuing challenges every step of the way while trying to collect my own money. .

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