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Ruined my oral teeth! Worst place to get your braces!

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Published: 03 June 2019

Posted by: Bobby

Got braces from Markham Orthodontic Specialty and got permanent teeth sensitivity for life. My mom took me to this clinic 3 years ago when I was 16. I did not have a really bad case of crooked teeth, but you could notice them once I started talking. Being the arrogant and foolish teenager I was, I persuaded my mom to take me to the clinic for getting braces. That is a mistake that I regret very much now. I shouldn’t have forced my mom to take me to this clinic, maybe then I could eat ice cream without feeling pain. Anyways, so I and my mom went to this clinic and the staff on the front desk was super nice. They made sure that were felt comfortable and they took good care of us while we were waiting. Finally, the doctor called us in and he did a small check-up, he told me that I have “severely” crooked teeth which may get even worse if I don’t get them treated soon. He was trying his best to convince my mom that I will become an ugly bitch if she doesn’t get braces from that clinic. And my mom was too innocent to think that they might have been trying to fool her so she agreed to get the braces. I remember that I saw the grin on the face of the doctor when my mom agreed. The doctor charged my mom a lot of money for the braces, but I did not care much about that. I experienced an immense amount of pain soon after I started wearing those piece of crap braces. However, whenever I told my mom that I am feeling pain in my gums, she would say that it is normal and it would go away once my teeth get all aligned. Guess what, the pain never actually went away and I lived with it for three years after which the braces were taken off. Now last month, after three years the braces were officially off. I was quite happy that those painful braces were off, however, soon I realized that I have done a major mistake by ignoring the pain I was feeling for the last three years. I could not chew anything hard without feeling like my gums would burst open. All I was able to eat was Mac and Cheese. NOTHING ELSE! Whenever I tried to eat anything that was a little hard (like a Big Mac) I would not be able to handle the pain. I have been suffering from the pain ever since. I went to a new doctor to get the pain checked up and she told me that I would have to go through a major medical procedure to get rid of the pain. I blame Markham Orthodontics for my condition and I would strongly suggest that everyone stays away from them.

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