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Published: 13 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is one of those scamming websites. They are running a scam behind. Providing loans They all feel loans at very less interest rates. As soon as you’re interested and you are under contract with them. They would give you thousands of reasons why they had to increase your interest rate. They would be charging exorbitant rates. And if you do not pay them they would be playing around with your credit score. So you would have no other way other than taking legal help or other than Giving them the money. Legal help most of us would not choose because that would again cost more money. And so we would choose the second option that is being them the money and getting Away from them. Well, that would not happen. As soon as you’re trying to get away from them. They would charge you again trying to extort money from you. Even when you’re trying to get away from them and you’re trying to get away with paying the loan amount.

They would again charge you for some hidden charges. And this goes on and on. You call them up to complain. Nobody would listen to you. You call them up to inquire. Nobody would listen to you. First of all, you will not even find somebody to receive your call. And if you lucky do they would not be able to help you out because they do not have the authority nor the access. They don’t understand you they don’t. Believe you. Before you taking the loan from them, they would behave all goody-goody with you. As soon as you’re in there trap. They would show their real colors. Its best to stay away from them.

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