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Published: 10 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have had a very unpleasant experience with this company but had a very happy result when I contacted my credit card to see if they could help refund me. Here’s my story: I sent off for the course some 2 weeks after my husband not only pulled the plug on our relationship but also went to see my best friend to let her know he was interested on the same day we agreed things couldn’t go on. have since completely processed what’s happened, perfectly aware of why it happened, and completely fine with it so please don’t go thinking my husband is a bleep bleep, he isn’t, he is a wonderful man, and that’s why I married him. I am only telling you the details so you understand what state of mind I was in. I was in a very vulnerable position and suffering from sleep deprivation, probably nothing too unusual as customers go who want Mort’s help. Mort’s website seemed to cover every possible eventuality of problems so I decided to order the program. To be honest, the website is very well designed, plenty of information to confuse you, plenty of bold red text to hammer the message in – “yes, your marriage will be saved, I promise you, just do as I say and you will be absolutely fine” “and if this course doesn’t work, nothing will and I will refund your course, there is absolutely no risk” “and if you still don’t believe me, listen and look at those happy couples, aren’t they beautiful? don’t you want to look like that? you in the corner, crying your eyes out? Don’t you want to feel all loved again? Don’t you? Well you can now, just do as I say, I will be there for you all the way, and it is absolutely RISK FREE, I promise!!” Is what the website said to me. How could you not be taken by that in the depth of despair? Within a week I had decided the course wasn’t for me and inquired about cancellation. I got this email back: Ordering is RISK FREE. In short, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just return the materials to me in resalable condition received anytime within 30 days of ordering, and as long as you’ve used me for your private 1-on-1 session (included with your registration) by then, I’ll gladly refund your money. I can’t be any fairer than that. No questions asked. But I know it won’t happen because this program works and I’m going to be there for you every step of the way to make sure you succeed. ——— As is often the case when suffering from severe stress, I misread the info about the one to one (I thought it read “as long as you haven’t used me” (which I can be forgiven for thinking, have you seen the cost of his private sessions? I am obviously in the wrong job!!) and also the “RISK FREE” made me completely miss the 30 day limit. Then the “but I know it won’t happen” and “being with me every step of the way” convinced me I was being stupid and I should carry on, and it was RISK FREE anyway. Another few weeks later, I decided I was going to try for another refund because I still didn’t want to do the course. So I emailed again. I got a nice email within 2 hours telling me how to cancel again: “follow that link, make sure you are entitled to a refund and we will refund you.” My state of mind being back to normal by then, I clicked the link, read everything carefully, and realized that, oh dear, I had missed the one month limit and I wasn’t about to send the whole thing back, spending more money, for it to be returned to me as it was too late. I am not stupid you know. Still, I believe in people’s charitable spirit, so I emailed back saying that although I understood I had missed the deadline, I was appealing to their good heart to refund me, explaining in details what had happened. Well, apparently, Mort Fertel or at least the staff at Mort Fertel’s office, don’t have a heart. I explained it was a shame, because I had done other stupid purchases around the same time and everyone else was extremely understanding and refunded me without problems, some going as far as telling to keep the product…in the hope I would soften Mort Fertel’s people’s heart. Still no avail. I told my husband about all this, and he was incensed. In fact, thank you Mort, trying to deal with this together with my husband has reminded me why I married him in the first and how amazing a man he is. I truly hope he can find happiness, because he thoroughly deserves it. Anyway, pushed on by my husband’s disbelief this had happened, I decided I was going to carry on fighting, despite my husband saying there was no chance, they had me by the nuts because of that 30 day guarantee. “The rules are the rules, you are done for I am afraid” he said to me. Well, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So I warned them if they didn’t pay up, I’d start get proper fighty. [see here the full story :] So I am left querying just how caring Mort Fertel really is. Mind you, with a name which means Death in French, I’m starting to wonder if he even exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a made up name so the company can be folded at the first time of trouble and started again under some brand new name. Grrrr. Am I being a cynic? Nah, I won’t let the Morts of this world grind me down – I made a promise to someone I would fight for good all the way. So Mort, if you are unhappy about what I have just said, please let me know. I am happy to take you on. Oh yes, and the way I got a refund 🙂 On my husband’s advice, I contacted the credit card company and they seem to not only have a heart but apparently some kind of rule that if a company makes it hard for you to cancel, when you have clearly tried (I did and within the 30 day period) then they are happy to refund the money. Well my credit card did anyway, it’s a VISA card. In fact, I have nothing but praise for the staff there. I appealed to their good nature twice during that phone call, not really expecting anything, and I managed to get $500 worth of refund on one phone call. I have also realized that there’s $26 that has been taken off from my bill on a monthly basis and I don’t have a clue what it’s for so they advised me what to do. Must follow my dad’s example and actually check my bank statements more closely in future! If I had any doubts that people general good, there are just a few bad apples among us, the two ladies I dealt with at VISA have restored my faith in human nature. But I had faith this was going to get sorted. 🙂 To go one bit further, when I finally arrive at my destination and settled into my new life, I will try and put this review on as many places on the Internet as possible – I owe it to all those people out there who are suffering from heart break not to be taken advantage off, especially when, in some case, $450 could mean whether a kid eats well that month or not. Mort, watch yourself, I am coming to get you just as I promised you!

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