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Published: 19 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

When it comes to the hair industry they have the most unethical doctors out of all the industries. I was 25 in the early stages of hair loss, like most men confused about hair loss , and thought i was going to be bald .So took it upon my self to look for a hair doctor through the phone book, and come across DR Jennifer Martinick/ The New Hair Clinic, perth. I ring them up book my consultation,a week later im sitting there with Jennifer Martinick, before i even sit down she’s looking at my head teling me i need 900 hairs for my hair line .The prssure is right on from the start, no mention of drugs propecia / rogaine, hair doctors dont make money on hair drugs only on transplants and laser treament. The whole hair industry relies on before and after shots ,while i’m sitting down i notice a wall of awards behind her , looking back hair doctors like to display there awards and there techinque is the best , but no edvience of hair transplant results .Well anyway i left with no information and confused. So i book another consultation with the same company , i get a different person she pulls a book with decieving pictures , i felt like a small fish in a sea full of sharks . Half way throught the conultation Jennifer walks in with a surprised look on her face , i felt the pressure from both . i eventually cave in and said yes to the procedure . After the prodecure i woke up got rushed out side the room and was handed a bottle of rogaine to prevent more hair loss, feeling the back of my head i realiased ive have stitches on the back of my head , which was not told about the strip surgery, its the worst hair surgery to perform but the easyiest for the doctor to perform and the cheapest. A week later i go in to get the stiches out , a young trianee was there to meet me , i sit down and before i say anything . he tells me my hair line was not to far gone and i could of use drugs instead of cosly painful surgery which looks like second hand hair,FAKE. To sum this off dr martinick owns the hair industry in australia,her advertising is miss leading and she is at war with the laser hair growth treament companies, this is the reason so many men are bald , these doctors only give a toss about one thing money and power.Ive heard many other men talk about dr jennifer martinick she bad news , she gets you sign a paper so you cant sue her .

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