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Published: 22 November 2017

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Mary Sweatt Degan of Germantown, Tennessee is a Sunday school teacher at Germantown Baptist Church and professes to be a huge Christian and a lover of Christ. This could not be farther from the truth. Let’s take a closer look! Mary Degan in 1968 was active in more ways than one with the growth of Germantown Baptist Church threw herself repeatedly at the gentleman selling the church bonds. Her advances were rejected and she was embarrassed. She then turned her efforts to Pastor Ken Story who also rejected her advances. This caused a major conflict in the fact, Mary was one of the driving forces that forced Dr. Ken Story to retire- forcing him out of the church that he had built from the 1960’s. There were countless times that Mary Degan gossiped and talked behind Ken’s back stating how inept he was… But when Mary was in Ken’s presence, she could not be nicer and butter would not melt in her mouth. A TRUE HIPPOCRIT. In 1987, Mary’s husband, Roy E. Degan, a senior Captain for Northwest Airlines was killed in a plane crash in his private plane in Collierville. Mary quickly spent her husband’s insurance money on furs, world trips and jewelry. After she exhausted the money, she began working for Walter Owens who owned a construction company but had changed that all in for a mortgage company. Mary and Walter became fast and much closer friends. The more Mary worked with Walter, the closer the relationship. It would lead to an adulterous relationship and at one point; Mary made Walter the ultimatum to leave his wife. This was not going to happen, as she is THE COMPUTER PROGRAMMER for Disney World. Linda’s services are so invaluable that Disney World sends a jet to collect her when there are problems with the computer system(s) in the Orlando resort. Mary and Walter parted company and she moved on to Mike Lucky. She and Mike traveled extensively but at least as a drunk, Mike was single. Mary gossiped to us telling us the reason she later left him was that he could not achieve and erection despite how hard (excuse the pun) she tried … either manually or orally. In short, we were tired of hearing about her exploits with Mike Lucky, I don’t have to tell you that when she and Mike “vacationed” they did not get separate rooms or beds … Fine Christian huh? Mary is an adulterer and your husband is not safe from her…. She will stop at nothing. She lies, she commits adultery and she has run off several pastors from Germantown Baptist Church…Dr. Ken Story and Dr. Sam Shaw. She is a pathological liar. She cannot be trusted in business or social life. Do NOT TRUST HER FOR ANY REASON… she is a hypocrite and will put a knife in your back at a moment’s notice, She usually has Toby Flowers close to her as support. Toby cannot be trusted at all either… MARY CURRENTLY LIES FOR HER SON, REG. Reg Degan cannot be trusted either. He recently was fired from Merrill Lynch for falsifying records and churning fees from a family friend. Churning fees is when one buys and sells fees to make commissions regardless of whether or not it is in the best interest of the stockholder. He has cheated hundreds of people in finances and he has cheated people in construction fees and remodeling. Do not trust him! Recently he set up his older brother Chuck with a stolen gun in his closet. Reg did this to manipulate his mother and get into her $3 million estate. He put Chuck in federal prison for 7 months but almost got him 44 years in prison! Had it not been for his brother Woody, he would still be in jail. WOODY IS S GOOD PERSON! BEWARE OF MARY DEGAN, REG DEGAN AND TOBY FLOWERS for she is usually un Mary’s shadow. .

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