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Published: 17 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

This Week My Wife and I stopped into our first every Marijuana Retail Store in Denver while visiting family for easter. We were pleasantly surprised to find a large array of products. After spending about 20-30 mins being talked into buying the “MARYS MEDICINAL” pot patches we left the store with 7 different ones, a Marys Indica Patch, 4 Sativa Patches and a couple cbd/THC patches. The sales rep assured us they would help alleviate pain and we would not feel high from them. WELL BUYER BE WARNED, these nasty little products got both my wife and I very VERY sick! Its our fault, and everyone else needs to be warned to READ THE LABEL! These stores have no reprucussions to selling total GARBAGE! After wearing the first one for 5 hours and not feeling anything we both decided to put a second patch on which were the sativa patches that they proclaim to have 20mg in! We both wore them for a full 12 hours and felt zero effect of any kind. When we tried to remove them we bagan to worry because my wife started to feel very queezy and the Marys patch would not come off her wrist, i had to pull both of them off her very hard and there was the strongest odor of what smelled like perfume left on her wrist! Shortly there after she bagan to feel some what queezy and her skin started to itch very badly. Over the course of the next 12-14 hours we both had very similar symptoms, that consisted of terrible Runs, chills and a fever that caused both of us to feel like we had the flu and whatever they put in there caused us to have a very bad allergic reaction! We went to a walk in clinic in Longmont near our friends house and the Doctor told us we should contact the State Regarding these so called “PATCHES” After hours and hours of research we found out that the patches are made by a woman who got the idea from a friend????? WHAT???!!! ARE YOU F******* KIDDING ME??? HOw can a store sell this things and not know whats in them or how they are made or anything else? Its unreal, and after we called the Pot Shop “COLORADO CARE FACILITY” they basically told us that there is not a single thing we could do and the guy on the phone said people try to return things all the time but “LEGALLY” they can not take them back!!! WHAT KINDA BS IS THAT? Surely there are other people out there who have gotten sick off these things that are filled with Latex and other garbage??? why in the world isnt anyone doing anything about them? This Marys Medicinals is run by two people who have no business making so called “MEDICINE PATCHES” We filed a complaint with the State Of Colorado Medical MARIJUAA DIVISION, but believe every person should be warned especially seen as though this company has all sorts of FAKE made up reviews that can not be verified by anyone anywhere.. What has this world come to? Honestly They are going to give Colorado a bad rep and more importantly the Medical MJ indistry as a whole! I hope someone can put a stop to Marys Medicinals before they get alot more people sick!

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