Massage Green Spa of Pembroke Pines

Hate this place!

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Massage Green Spa of Pembroke Pines is located in Pembroke, Florida. They claim to have one of the best services in the town and have one of the best staff. They claim to follow one of the best techniques which help their customers to get relaxed and freshen up themselves. But lately, the customers are complaining that the people in the front do not give you attention nor they welcome you when you visit Massage Green Spa of Pembroke Pines. Customers have also told that their customer service is worst and below average, and they only prefer those customers who buy expensive packages from them, customers have also told that their workers are unprofessional and don’t know how to respect their customers. Most of the customers have also reported that they charge you extra. Their customers are telling the truth because I’m one of them.
You should greet your customer whenever you do business with them. But when I went to Massage Green Spa of Pembroke Pines for a massage, I couldn’t tolerate the way I was treated at the front. The staff doesn’t give you attention nor do they greet you. The staff members weren’t listening to me because they had earphones on and the receptionist left the reception for some unknown reason just when I entered the place. I was kept waiting for 30 minutes for an unknown reason. Other customers also hate this place.
Your customers should be greeted whenever they call you. One of the customers reported that he called Massage Green Spa of Pembroke Pines to book an appointment with them but they were put on hold in the middle of the conversation to talk to another customer. This made them furious and the customer doesn’t want to call them again nor ever going to think to visit again.
You should respect your customer whenever they are around you and you should always make sure that your customer doesn’t get uncomfortable around you when you are massaging them. One of the customers told that his girlfriend was molested by one of the masseuses at Massage Green Spa of Pembroke Pines. He went on to tell that his girlfriend was not feeling comfortable but still didn’t say anything. The customer told that the masseuse was unprofessional as he had no idea that he should knock while entering the room, moreover, the masseuse tried to discomfort her girlfriend. After the massage, the customer complained to the manager but he was shocked that the manager didn’t take any responsibility for any of this and show his disregard on this matter. The customer urged that one should not go to these types of places with such a bad reputation. These are the type of places where they try to lure people in to make their money without ensuring the safety of their customers. He went on to say that he never wishes to visit this place again nor is he going to recommend it to anyone as he was very disappointed.

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