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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I want to express my absolute disgust and disappointment towards the customer service department and executive management team of regarding their manipulative and unethical business practices. Users beware – if you do not take your account off of auto-renewal for billing, you will be charged and denied a refund without any exceptions. I called a few days after my 3-mth subscription expired when I discovered a new charge on my card. I had meant to cancel but because I didn’t get a reminder notification that my account was about to expire, I didn’t know the exact date so I forgot but didn’t think it would be a big deal to call and let them know I wasn’t planning to continue my service. Apparently they put you on auto-billing when you first sign up for ‘convenience so there are no lapses in service’, which is really their sneaky tactic of charging you since they know not many people read fine print or will bother to change it. I spoke to three different account representatives, including someone at their corporate office and they were unwilling to help me in any regard. All they tell you is ‘unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do’ like they are reading off of a script. What they are really saying is that, ‘I am not going to put any effort into helping you fix this situation because you are not important to me’. I can personally think of plenty of things they could do. The easiest would be to refund my money so I’d be a satisfied customer and potentially use their service again in the future and recommend their service to others. The second would be to offer me a credit of sorts…we don’t refund but we’ll give you 3 more months for free after this, or an upgrade to any other bonus features they offer. Third would be to pro-rate the date that I used their service and then refund me the rest of the subscription amount. I would have been satisfied with any of these solutions but none of these were offered as a possibility, they just kept saying no. At no level, even the corporate office, did I speak to an employee competent or empowered enough to come up with a solution. The best they could do was offer me an address so I could write a letter….so that maybe my feedback would be considered by their management team. This is without a doubt the most frustrating experience I have ever had with a company, let alone a company that acts like they care about your personal happiness. Then they sent me a customer service survey, which expires after 3 days, so now I am no longer able to give my feedback because that window has passed, so instead I’ll publicly let people know how I feel. They also have horrible customer service hours (I live on the west coast) so they are closed by the time I get off work, and now they’ve even cancelled my account so that I am not able to use it – but they’re keeping my money!! If they are not going to refund my money, they do not have the right to cancel my account. This is an absolute scam, and they are crooks who need to be stopped. I have seriously never felt so disrespected and appalled at how heartless a corporation can be. You can bet I will be sharing my story with everyone I know and who will listen, because as a professional who has worked in customer service, marketing, and management – I know this is not how you do business or retain customers, and I do not want to see anyone else treated this way in the future. I am not an angry person or someone who wastes precious time and energy posting negative reviews or anything of the sorts normally, but I feel I need to take a stand here because I teach business classes to high school students, I run a store, and I have worked and interned at Fortune 500 companies, and this is just the lowest of the low that I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing as far as treatment from a company is concerned. .

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