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Broke my ankle and did not take responsibility for it

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dance is my passion. I have been dancing since I was 5. I remember one incident of my life relating to this. I was twelve years old and I requested my mom to put me in a dance studio. She chose the Mather Dance Company for me. I was excited about this and could not wait for the classes to start.

The dance teachers provided the timing of the classes and specified the days on which I had to come. In my first class, the teacher asked me how much I knew about dancing. I showed her some moves and she remarked that I could be a brilliant dancer. I wanted to learn ballerina so I joinedits classes. I purchased my ballerina shoes & dress and was all decked up. The teachers seemed polite and calm. However, it was the opposite. When I started practicing ballerina, I was taught that the shape and posture of my foot were really important. I kept practicing but curving my foot was a difficult move for me to do. It was hurting my ankle and I got it wrong every time. Dancing in that way was very painful. The teacher kept correcting me and even scolded me. It was my third class and the teacher lost her patience with me. She hurriedly came up to me and to show me, she twisted my ankle so badly that I sprained it. She was angry and she used a lot of force on me. I fell to the ground, shrieking in pain. The other students gathered to see what had happened. I could not move or talk. Something major had happened has the pain was getting immense every minute.

I could not figure out what to do as I was lying on the dance floor with everyone around me, unable to talk or even cry. My mother was called after five minutes and took me home by carrying me. I was made to lie down on my bed and a local physician from the neighbourhood was called. He brought his tools and other materials. After the check-up, he said that due to so much pressure on a delicate joint, I got a crack in my ankle bone. My mother was shocked. I was taken to the hospital that night and an immediate X-ray was done. The doctor did other work with my foot and plastered it. He said that the intense pain would go away after a few weeks but I had to be on bed rest for some time.

This was one of the worst incidents of my life. The entire fault was of the faculty of the dance studio. Being a studio for ages, they must know that different students have different learning capacities. Dance is related to our bodies and the body should never be pushed into turning or bending a certain way, more than it can handle. Being a dance teacher, she should have known this more than anyone else.

She also lacked patience and the studio took no responsibility for this huge loss that happened because of them. I recommend nobody to join these classes as they do not know how to treat students. The teachers and the head did not even give us a call after the injury and were least bothered to ask as to why I left the studio.

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