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They lie to you about the vehicle and its condition!

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Joseph

I had bought a used Ford Escape from Matt Bowers Ford and I have to say, it was the most useless and wasteful expense I’ve ever made. I had seen the car and I had also driven it for a while, it seemed perfect. Those guys made it seem like there was nothing wrong with the car too. In fact, they withheld the purchase for a few days because the car was getting tuned up. I was happy with their service and I thought it was a reliable and amazing place. I didn’t know that Matt Bowers Ford is a sham. They pretend to be great so you don’t question them when you get scammed. It’s really irritating and infuriating when you realize you’ve been scammed. If I had any idea that these guys are scammers, I would’ve stayed miles away from these people. Now I know for sure that I shouldn\’t have made a decision based on online reviews and website quality. From the looks of their online reputation, you wouldn’t think that they are scammers and thieves.

In fact, you’d think that they are professionals who offer great services. I know I got fooled by their appearance. The car they gave me doesn’t work properly. It has faulty wiring, the engine is in pretty bad condition and one of the doors is jammed. In simple words, the car is f*cked up. They sold me a piece of trash at the price of a Ford Escape. When I contacted about the issues I was experiencing with the car, they told me that they weren’t responsible for them. They said they were sorry. I had to get my car towed from a highway to a garage. The repairs, the towing charges, it all cost me a fortune. The car broke down within 10 days of the purchase. And that’s why I’m so mad at these people. They made me realize that I shouldn’t have trusted them for anything.

I’ve had to make some pretty big expenses because of these people. The engine needed an overhaul and the faulty wiring also required expensive treatment. I also found out that the battery of the car was quite old and needed a replacement. The jammed door is still getting repaired.

They didn’t take any responsibility for the car. I contacted them for compensation because I didn’t get what I was promised. They told me that they take no responsibility for used cars once they leave their premises. I was really mad at them. The rep which was talking all nice and friendly with me before became rude all of a sudden and started telling me to stop bothering him. My entire experience with these people was eye-opening. I wouldn’t advise anyone to trust these people. They are thieves and scammers. You never know what kind of vehicle you’re getting. So it’d be better to avoid this place altogether than taking such a big risk.

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