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Published: 11 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I got the following email: Dear Debtor, Kindly verify your mailing address, as we are going to send you important documents, so we wanted to confirm the mailing address before we send any of those papers. Just to remind you, this is regarding the e-mail we sent you earlier and we did not receive any prompt response from your end to set up the payment and to avoid the charges. For any questions and concerns, do get back to us so that we can help you with a solution if indeed you want to get rid of the consequences. You can either e-mail us back or call us on the phone number given below. We work from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST. BEST REGARDS, Matt Williams, Sr. Investigation Officer NCS Law Group Direct : (607) 264-2015 First of all, the mistakes in language and grammar make it clear to me that this did not come from a lawyer, and likely not from a person whose first language is English. First red flag. There is no web presense for this person or the company he claims to represent. Second red flag. The email contains none of the language required by debt collectors under federal law “This is an attempt to collect a debt…” Third red flag. More issues: The phone number is unlisted. The email address from which it was sent looks fake: (email address removed by admin) They don’t even use my name, just “dear debtor,” which tells me they are just fishing. There is no conceivable way that this comes from a legitimate debt collector. If they are even trying to collect on what was once a valid debt, they are breaking several major federal laws, especially by insinuating that failure to pay a debt is a crime (not true, unless fraud is involved or the court has ordered payment). The only reason I’m taking the time to post this is that it is possible the debt was once valid, as I owe a lot of money to different companies. This “agency” could be praying on people who owe money and will assume this is a legitimate debt collection attempt. I promise you, if you pay these people, they will not report any debt as paid, and they will likely continue to harass you. Your credit will not be helped, they may deny having received payment, and they may steal credit card or checking account information. Don’t do it. I believe these are the same people who have been leaving messages saying they are from the sherrif’s office and they are coming to arrest me if I don’t pay. I actually called them once, to tell them I’m a lawyer and I know better (true). It hasn’t stopped them. You will only invite more trouble into your life by acknowledging their contacts. If you feel you must contact them, you are better off telling them that you will never pay them, and if they think they have a valid claim, to take you to court. Just make sure to do your communicating in writing, and in the highly unlikely event you are sued, make sure you go to court and bring the communications with you.

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