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Published: 06 March 2019

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My mother-in-law used the website and called the phone number for Advanced Appliance Service which at the time was ***-***-****. A technician by the name of Matthew McKendree came to her house on 1/13/15 to repair her microwave oven. He told her he would have to order a part and asked her for a check for $250 which she gave him. The check was cashed that same day. The technician said he would be back the next week to do the repair. He never came back to complete the job he contracted to do. After repeated attempts to contact the technician my mother-in-law called the main office again on 1/25/15 and the woman who answered (Hope) said that Mr. McKendree was fired and she would send a refund check. The check never arrived so my mother-in-law called Hope back on 2/02/15. Hope called back on 2/04/15 and said the check was sent to the wrong address (an address in North Myrtle Beach) and had come back and that she would resend. My mother called back on 2/07/15 after not receiving anything in the mail and left a message. She then contacted Sheriff Fred Carter who said he would contact the business on her behalf. A man by the name of Dan called back on 2/09/15 and said they resent the check on 2/06/15 and she should be receiving it soon thereafter. We waited until 2/13/15 and still had no refund check. My mother-in-law called again that afternoon and left another message. Dan called back on 2/14/15 and said that he would wire the money through Western Union on Monday 2/16/15. We did not hear anything from him on Monday and on Tuesday my mother-in-law called him back. This time he said he would like her bank information and he woud deposit money into her account. My husband then got involved. He called him and told him we would not give him any bank information. He responded that he would have someone deliver the cash on Wednesday 2/18/15. Needless to say no one showed up on Wednesday. My husband called him on Thursday and suggested he Fed Ex or UPS the money and call him with the tracking number. He agreed that he would do that by noon on Thursday. He called him back hourly after that on Thursday and finally at 5:00 pm he said he would get him a tracking number by 10:00 am on Friday 2/20/15. He didn’t hear anything by noon and began calling him but his call was never returned. My mother-in-law called Sheriff Fred Carter again and asked him to call the business again. Finally at 6:00 pm Friday 2/20/15 Dan texted my husband to say he had deposited $100 in my mother-in-law’s bank account even though my husband told him we did not want him to do this. We checked the account and verified the $100 had been deposited. He also promised me that he would deposit the additional $150 on Monday 2/23/15. Monday came and went with no contact and no money. My husband tried to contact him multiple times via phone and text but got no where. He texted multiple times and left several messages on Tuesday and finally he texted me back saying he would deposit the rest of the money on Wednesday 2/25/14. This was finally done. As you can see this process has taken a great deal of time and effort on our part. NO business should be run this way and I think you would not want someone who conducts themselves in such an unprofessional manner to be representative of your website. This business has also changed numbers 3 times over the course of the last 40+ days and Sheriff Carter informed me that the phones they are using are “burner” phones (prepaid monthly). After researching Matthew McKendree’s name on the internet I found more people who have been scammed by him. We were fortunate in that my mother-in-law received her money back after a month long process of phone calls and getting the Sherrif involved.

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