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Published: 08 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve never purchased anything from the store, but I know enough to write this review for sure. Just hear me out. It all started on April 30, 2015. I’m only 14 and at this point I had been looking for ways to earn money for a while now. Holding a sign outside of Mattress Stop, as advertised on Facebook, seemed like the perfect job. I’m hired that day. My mom’s friend says that I was hired for the same job at the same place as her son. “Beware of Casey” she says. We ignore her and I start work on that Saturday. I meet Casey on Saturday (until then I had only met the manager, the only other person who worked there) and we don’t really talk, he basically says I’m gonna be working 7 hours a week, making $8 an hour, I get paid straight cash on Thursdays and he doesn’t take taxes out. The taxes thing seems kinda shady, but hey, “More money for me” I think. Thursday comes. I’ve worked all of my hours, done everything asked of me and got there on time every day I was supposed to. After my shift, I walk inside to get my money and leave. The manager tells me that I’ll get paid tomorrow since Casey wasn’t there that day. I leave disappointed because of how unproffessional and untrustworthy this business already seems and I consider quitting. Friday. I get there and it’s the manager. She says that Casey isn’t there and she tries to call him multiple times (he doesn’t pick up until the 5th call). While she’s trying to contact him, I tell her how I feel about the business and my stance on quitting. When she gets into contact with him, she tells him about my interest in quitting and it doesn’t seem like he cares. She tells me he’ll have my pay tomorrow. At this point I leave pissed off beyond belief. On my way there on my alleged payday, I call the store to make sure he’s got my money. Y’know, 2 days after he said I was getting paid. Here’s how the conversation went down: “Hello thank you for calling Mattress Stop how can I help you?” “Hi am I speaking with Casey?” “Uh no this is Rob.” (I’d like to add that Rob does not exist) “May I speak to Casey?” “Who is this?” “This is Jake, the sign boy and I’m making sure that Casey has my money today.” “Uhh he’s outside making a deal loading up a mattress. Call back later” “Okay.” I get there and he starts to write me a check (despite how he told me I’d bet getting paid straight cash) and I tell him I don’t have a bank account. Writing me a check wouldn’t work either since he doesn’t take taxes out. Anyway, he goes to get change from the Chinese restaurant nextdoor. He comes back with the long-awaited $56. “Are you working today?” he asks. ‘No I’m quitting.” “You know, when you get older you’ll find out that it’s not good to quit on Saturday because I could have just called someone else in.” “Okay then.” His attitude reads as D-bag the entire time. My mom’s friend whom I previously mentioned tells us that Casey was a complete jerk to her son and that her son witnessed Casey sell a used mattress as a brand new one. Overall just an unproffessional place that has an owner with the intelligence of a fly. Do not go. .

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