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Published: 25 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was approached by a guy named MauLead Abudram he works for a company called Maulead. They are what people call an affiliate marketing company where you market there third party products and supposedly get paid for referring people. This MauLead Abudram convinced me to do a media buy and use my SEO skills to send traffic to their supposed exclusive products and I would get paid weekly. I am 65 and on a fixed income, he guaranteed I would make money so I spent my life savings of 60,000 dollars on this idea’s. Well I didn’t make any money him and his boss told me that I had got 25,000 visitors to the website but zero leads and zero sales. I marketed a total of 5 products and made 0 dollars. There response? Tough… I collected some of the leads myself to see what was going on and it was very apparent that this company MauLead out of ISRAEL simply was stealing my leads. After this conversation these people started to insult my wife and my children. Calling at all hours of the night saying sexual things I don’t want to repeat. We have a restraining order on them but I doubt it will do any good because we are in Kentucky they are in ISRAEL. I constantly still am getting calls this Abudram talks homosexual lingo to my son every time he calls. We can’t tell what number he’s calling from so it is hard to pin point it’s his phone number. Apparently this Company are some sick twisted perverted people who just love to steal money and harass people when you don’t agree. We have filed a 2 million dollar lawsuit again them for sexual harassment / pedophilia against a minor and stealing our life savings. Whatever you do stay away from these people, affiliate marketing is not good especially with these people. Damn you MauLead!

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