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Published: 30 March 2019

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Maya Sardouk loves the spotlight and loves to shine. This article will put the spotlight on her ethics & business conduct over the past few years. She had a launch for “RSVP Magazine” planned on October 20th 2014, which she kept delaying and delaying for months for no apparent reason. She’s been telling her employees since June 2014 that they will get paid after the official launch this fall. With a 400K condo located in the old part of town, Miss Sardouk currently owes 6 month-1 year worth of salary to her employees at RSVP Magazine. She owes $20 000 to the Ritz Carlton Montreal, and hasn’t paid the printing company she deals with, one of her many creditors. She keeps lying, is manipulative, and feels no remorse. Case in point: she won’t put employment contracts in writing, she makes verbal agreements with her young staff, takes advantage of their trust and lack of experience then refuses to pay them, asking to see some kind of proof “in writing”. Life sure looks good from her ivory tower in Toronto. Needless to say, Maya Sardouk’s career is over in Montreal. The word sure spread fast.

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